Puzzle: Highlights from the Great Designer Search

Welcome back to Possibility Storm for another week of Magic puzzles! As you probably know, we’ve been running a Great Designer Search contest for the past couple of months which is narrowing towards the point where we’ll have a new designer on our team later this summer!

To date, we’ve received over 60 submissions, and we wanted to take this week to share some of the highlights from each of the first two rounds.

We started off by asking for “Proto Puzzles,” simple interactions or card layouts that a puzzle could be built around. Most of our published puzzles have game context and attractive distraction angles – Proto Puzzles won’t have either. They are meant as a proof of concept that the puzzle idea works and has a kernel of fun or knowledge to it.

Here’s a few of our favorites for you today, and their solutions. We’ll share some uncommon ones in a separate post shortly, too. Enjoy!

This puzzle by David Forreger takes a simple looking board state and forces you to use a spell counter-intuitively to win this turn.

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1. Cast Stealth Mission on your Zombie Army to make it a 4/4 that can’t be blocked.

2. Cast Courage in Crisis on your opponent’s Zombie Army, then proliferate both it and yours.

3. Attack with your 5/5 unblockable Army and 2/2 Duskmantle Operative that can’t be blocked because you made their only blocker into a 4/4!


This second puzzle from Allen Smith tests out your rules knowledge. What happens with both deathtouch and lifelink when the damage still causes harm to the impacted creature, but in a unique way?

Puzzle MTG

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1. Cast Savage Smash on your Ugin’s Conjurant and either of the blocking Leyline Prowlers.

2. Ugin’s Conjurant will lose two counters instead of taking two damage, but because the “damage” is “prevented” first, both deathtouch and lifelink fail to do anything since it’s “damage” they depend on.

3. Attack with both creatures. If they block Feral Maaka, they take 5, gain 2, and go to -1. If they block Ugin’s Conjurant, lifelink and deathtouch will again not apply, so gain no life and take 2 to go to zero.


Puzzlebreaker warning! Just like the occasional puzzle slips through our testers and has an “Overkill” line (which if found, results in some prizes being sent out by us!), several of the puzzles we received had ways to deal more than intended! That doesn’t make them any less fun, though.

This one doesn’t do exactly that, as the only way to win is “overkill”… so much so that Josie Demers didn’t even include a starting life total! Assume it’s 3, and see if you can figure out how to overkill your way to victory.

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1. Cast Cindervines

2. Use Cindervines to blow up The Immortal Sun

3. Use Vraska’s -10 to bring your opponent to 1 life.

4. Swing with Doom Whisperer. Blocked it deals 2 damage, bringing them to -1. Unblocked it deals 6 damage, bringing them to -5.


That’s all for today – come back tomorrow to see two more submissions from the “Uncommon” round!

Also, a quick reminder that the Core Set 2020 competitive puzzle season starts tomorrow on the Possibility Storm patreon campaign – AND right now you can sign up for a free month if an existing Patron refers you!

Thanks for playing and tune in again Wednesday!

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