Puzzle: Gettin’ Lucky (Difficulty – Mythic)

It’s time for another Possibility Storm puzzle!

It’s been one of those games where you’ve grinded the opponent down to their final life points, but now the board appears to be totally gummed up. Rest assured though, there’s a way to win it if you find luck on your side.

Good luck!

Possibility Storm Throne of Eldraine puzzle
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  1. Use Oko’s -5 to exchange control of your Elk’d Hypnotic Sprite and a Teyo’s Shieldmate.
  2. Cast Lucky Clover.
  3. Cast Petty Theft, targeting anything. Lucky Clover copies it. With the copy, choose to target the Elk’d Hypnotic Sprite that the opponent now controls (making it a legal target.) Let the copy resolve, returning Hypnotic Sprite to your hand, then hold priority.
  4. Cast Mesmeric Glare, targeting the original Petty Theft. Lucky Clover copies it. With the copy, choose to also target the original Petty Theft. When the copy resolves, Petty Theft is countered, sending Brazen Borrower to the graveyard. When the original Mesmeric Glare resolves, it no longer has a legal target, so it fizzles, sending Hypnotic Sprite to the graveyard.
  5. Cast Kraul Harpooner. When it enters the battlefield, choose to have it fight the opponent’s Savage Gorger, it gets +2/+0 (from due creatures in your graveyard) to become a 5/2, then fights it, killing both.
  6. Midnight Reaper triggers, forcing your opponent to lose 1 life and draw a card, going to 1.
  7. Ob-Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted triggers, forcing your opponent to lose 1 life to go to zero. You win!


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Thanks for playing—see you again next week!

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