Puzzle: Finding Fblthp

Help – Fblthp stumbled his was into this week’s puzzle! Poor little guy looks so lost. Come help him find his way home, and see if you can solve this week’s puzzle while you’re at it.

Possibility Storm puzzle #5
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Check back next week for the solution!

Last Week’s Puzzle Solution

Looking for the solution to last week’s puzzle? View the puzzle here, and scroll down for the official solution!

  1. Cast One with the Stars on Dream Trawler. Trigger Shoal Kraken, Trawler power 3. The equipment and aura fall off.
  2. Sacrifice Alseid, targeting Dream Trawler and choosing blue. One with the Stars falls off.
  3. Cast Brought Back, returning One with the Stars and Alseid to the battlefield. Choose to attach One with the Stars to Arboretum Elemental (Hexproof is irrelevant because it doesn’t target when not cast!) Shoal Kraken triggers twice, Trawler power 5.
  4. Sacrifice Alseid again, targeting Pegasus choosing blue.
  5. Attack with Dream Trawler (currently a 5/5 due to Mu ability but also a draw for the turn plus three loots), Pegasus for 2. Dream Trawler triggers and we draw, giving Dream Trawler +1/+0, power 6. Use Pegasus’ ability to target Dream Trawler.
  6. Connect with an unblockable dream trawler and Pegasus for a lethal 8!

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