Puzzle: Eyes Are Everywhere, But Can You Steal a Way to Win? *Solution*

Welcome back to another weekly Possibility Storm puzzle!

Facing down a board of attractive permanents to steal, pulling a win out of this one still looks unlikely at a glance. Can you figure out the best combination of abilities to activate and cards to cast to deal 12 damage this turn? Better yet, can you beat the best time so far of 8m 51s?

Possibility Storm puzzle with a complex Magic: The Gathering board state.
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1. Play your Island.
2. Activate Eyes Everywhere, targeting the existing Volley Veteran token. It still has the haste that was given to it by Helm of the Host when it was created. (Audience: Ooooooohhhh…)
3. Make a Construct with Karn.
4. Cast Arcane Adaptation, naming Merfolk.
5. Attack with three 5/5 Construct Merfolks, your 2/2 Merfolk Mistbinder, and your 5/3 Volley Veteran Goblin Merfolk. Your opponent has two blockers and will take at least 12 for lethal.


Possibility Storm competitors are currently in the middle of the nine-puzzle Ravnica Allegiance season. Follow how they’re doing on the standings below. (View the full leaderboard)

# Player Points # Player Points
1 Matthew Williams 10.4 5 Paul Barrett 8.9
2 Allen Smith 10.4 6 Eric Fletcher 8.7
3 Justin Francis 9.5 7 John Rojas 8.3
4 Josh Oratz 9.2 8 Christian John Hazlett 8.1
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