Puzzle: Electrodominating Big Blockers *Solution*

Here is Possibility Storm’s first official Ravnica Allegiance puzzle. One of their competitive puzzlers solved it in just over 10 minutes—can you?

A puzzle featuring two Magic: The Gathering board states.

Can you figure it out? If not, come back here on Wednesday for the official solution.

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1. Tap all lands and mana-producing creatures for 9 mana.
2. Cast Metamorphic Alteration on any of our creatures, copying your opponent’s Garna, the Bloodflame.
3. Cast Ghalta, Primal Hunger. Hold priority.
4. Cast Electrodominance for X=3, targeting opponent. Deal 3 to them to bring them down to 6.
5. Cast Slaughter the Strong for free (off Electrodominance). As it resolves, keep whichever creature has become a copy of Garna, the Bloodflame. Your opponent’s best option is to keep Belligerent Brontodon.
6. Now let Ghalta resolve.
7. Ghalta has haste thanks to our copy of Garna, so attack for 12 trample into 6 toughness, trampling through for 6, for a total lethal damage of 9.


Ravnica Allegiance Season Standings (Ends March 22)

# Player Points # Player Points
1 Christian John Hazlett 1.5 5 Jérémie Ross-Latour 1.2
2 John Rojas 1.4 6 Justin Francis 1.1
3 Matthew Williams 1.3 7 Josh Oratz 1.1
4 Travis Husman 1.2 8 Willem Boskaljon 1.1
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