Puzzle: Dream Trawlin’

Tired of losing to Dream Trawler? Hexproof and big swings got you down? This week’s puzzle is here to help. Get behind your own flying untouchable damage machine and figure out how to deal lethal damage to your opponent this turn. (Oh, and bring your abacus.)

Theros Beyond Death Possibility Storm Puzzle 4
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Check back next week for the solution!

Last Week’s Puzzle

Looking for the solution to last week’s puzzle? View the puzzle here, and scroll down for the official solution!

  1. Cast Gingerbrute.
  2. Cast Mire’s Grasp on Gingerbrute, destroying it and triggering the Thaumaturge to become a copy of Bloodmist Infiltrator.
  3. Activate Lazav to become a copy of Gingerbrute, then activate its ability to make it effectively unblockable.
  4. Activate The Royal Scion’s first ability targeting Lazav, giving it +2/+0 and first strike.
  5. Activate Lazav again to become a copy of Kroxa.
  6. Attack with Lazav (Kroxa) and Thaumaturge (Infiltrator). Both trigger, taking your opponent to 14, and allowing you to sacrifice the original Infiltrator to make the Thaumaturge (Infiltrator) unblockable.
  7. Let first strike damage resolve, and Lazav (Kroxa) deals 8 damage to the opponent, taking them to 6.
  8. Cast Omen of the Dead, target irrelevant, and trigger Thaumaturge to now become a copy of Lazav (Kroxa). Due to the legend rule, you must sacrifice the original Lazav, but its job is done now anyways.
  9. Proceed to regular damage and have Thaumaturge (Lazav (Kroxa)) deal 6 for lethal! Whew!

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