Puzzle: Dovin’s Thopter Army

With three beefy fliers, victory appears to be within your grasp. But your opponent’s Dovin just won’t stop making more Thopters. Can you find a way to get through the wall of robot bees and win this turn?

Possibility Storm Puzzle
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Show solution (available Wednesday)
  1. Cast Frogify on your own Vantress Gargoyle.
  2. Cast Rampage of the Clans. Thunder Drake triggers and gets a +1/+1 counter. Because your Gargoyle is currently not an artifact, it survives, but Frogify is destroyed as well as all artifacts on the board.
  3. There’s a whole bunch of 3/3 Centaurs all over the place now, but neither your Vantress Gargoyle or Thunder Drake care about that—fly over for a lethal 8!

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Thanks for playing and tune in again next week.


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