Puzzle: Dino-mite!

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Sitting at 12 life with some Shalai-protected Dinosaurs, your opponent looks to be in a pretty safe position, but with some clever spell use, there’s a way to make them extinct this turn. Can you find the line in today’s puzzle?

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1. Cast Ancient Animus, targeting Trapjaw Tyrant and Shalai, Voice of Plenty. When Trapjaw's Enrage triggers, Shalai's Hexproof shield will be down, so you can pick another blocker to exile. (Any will do.) Ajani's Pridemate triggers due to the lifelink granted by Sorin, so it becomes a 3/3.
2. Use Sorin's +2 ability, targeting the opponent to take them to 11.  Ajani's Pridemate triggers, becoming a 4/4. 
3. Attack with Trapjaw Tyrant, Angelic Guardian, and Ajani's Pridemate. The Guardian triggers to make everything indestructible.
4. Before blocks are declared, cast Band Together to have Angelic Guardian and Ajani's Pridemate deal damage equal to their power to Trapjaw Tyrant. It survives, due to being indestructible, and you get two Ajani's Pridemate triggers and one Trapjaw Tyrant trigger. Exile another blocker with the Enrage ability, leaving them with just one left.
5. They can only block one of your 6/6s, and will take 5 + 6 to go exactly to zero!

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