Puzzle: Deputy of Buzzkillery

Just when you were ready to have fun with Nyxbloom Ancient and some big mana effects, your buzzkill opponent detained it with their Deputy of Detention. Still, there might be a way…

Possibility Storm Theros Beyond Death Puzzle
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Check back next week for the solution!

Last Week’s Puzzle Solution

Looking for the solution to the January 24th puzzle? View the puzzle here, and scroll down for the official solution!

1. Cast Act of Treason the Cauldron Familiar. Athreos is now a creature.

2. Activate Weapon Rack, targeting Athreos.

3. Attack. Because Athreos and Archon each have 5 power, they must be blocked, allowing Cauldron Familiar to hit for 4, taking the opponent down to 1.

4. Post-combat, cast Angrath’s Rampage ourselves and choosing “Creature.” Sacrifice Harmonious Archon when it resolves.

5. At end of turn, use Athreos’ trigger to put a Coin counter on Cauldron Familiar.

6. At cleanup step, Cauldron Familiar goes back under its owners’ control, then immediately dies to state-based effects as a 0/0. Athreos triggers, returning it to the battlefield under our control, and its ETB effect drains the opponent for a lethal 1.

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