Puzzle: Defender Auras to the Rescue! *Solution*

Welcome back to another weekly Possibility Storm puzzle.

By popular demand, this week’s Possibility Storm puzzle features Arcades, the Strategist and a whole lot of defender shenanigans on both sides of the board. Can you figure it out faster than our fastest competitor did in 4m 37s? Good luck!

Possibility Storm puzzle with a complex Magic: The Gathering board state.
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1. Cast Deep Freeze on Lyra.
2. Cast Sky Tether on Erratic Cyclops so it deals damage equal to its toughness.
3. Cast Ghostform on both Suspicious Bookcases.
4. Attack! The Goblin trigger means that neither frozen blocker can block.
5. 2 (Goblin) + 3 (Arcades, flying/unblockable) + 4 (Bookcase unblockable) + 4 (Bookcase unblockable) + 8 (Cyclops trample).
6. The best block is one Gyre Engineer in front of the Goblin and one soaking up Cyclops trample damage.
7. (2-2) + 3 + 4 + 4 + (8-1) = 18!


Possibility Storm competitors are currently in the middle of the nine puzzle Ravnica Allegiance season. Follow how they’re doing on the standings below. (View the full leaderboard)

# Player Points # Player Points
1 Allen Smith 9.2 5 Paul Barrett 7.9
2 Matthew Williams 9.0 6 Eric Fletcher 7.6
3 Josh Oratz 8.2 7 Christian John Hazlett 7.6
4 Justin Francis 8.0 8 Willem Boskaljon 7.5


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