Puzzle: Core Set 2020 Season Finale! (aka: The UBER-Mythic)

Welcome back to Possibility Storm for another week of Magic puzzles!

We’ve lost our goshdarned minds with this one. Seven cards in hand, thirteen total permanents on board, and 42 damage to deal. Strap yourselves in for this one since our quickest competitor still took 42 minutes to solve it. Good luck!

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1. Cast Act of Treason on Niv-Mizzet, Parun. [Mana: 5, Cards in hand: 6, Cards in library: 14] (There is nothing useful the opponent can do with Niv in response, so assume they just ping us for 1 with the Niv-Mizzet trigger, the Niv tap ability, and Buccaneer's trigger, so we go to 2.)

2. Cast Role Reversal, targeting Marauding Raptor and Atemsis, All-Seeing. Use Niv Mizzet's trigger to draw a card and deal 1 damage to Polyraptor, triggering its Enrage. Don't let either the trigger or Role Reversal resolve yet. [Mana: 2, Cards in hand: 6, Cards in library: 13]

3. Tap Niv-Mizzet to loot. With Niv's draw trigger, deal 1 damage to Polyraptor, triggering its Enrage. Don't let it resolve yet either. [Mana: 2, Cards in hand: 6, Cards in library: 12]
4. Cast Metamorphic Alteration on Polyraptor, making it a copy of Glint-Horn Buccaneer. Now let both Enrage triggers resolve, which gives us two copies of Glint-Horn Buccaneer, which Marauding Raptor swiftly deals two damage to each. Then finally let Role Reversal resolve to swap the pacified Raptor for Atemsis. [Mana: 0, Cards in hand: 5, Cards in library: 12]

**Note, you can keep the original Polyraptor as a 5/5 attacker by doing all the Enrage-Metamorphosis trickery on a copy it creates too, but it serves no purpose in combat, so there's no point. You can also make an arbitratily large number of Polyraptors before stopping the combo with Metamorphosis if you want too, but again, it does not serve any purpose in this puzzle.**

5. Go to combat. Attack with only the Dragon Mage since we can't risk losing a Buccaneer or damaging Cacophodon. Your opponent has no flying blockers, so they take 5. [Cards in hand: 5, Cards in library: 12, Opp Damage: 7]

6. Dragon Mage triggers. Discard your hand of five cards, and draw seven. Your three Buccaneers deal 15 damage to your opponent. Niv-Mizzet triggers seven times. Use six of those triggers to deal 6 damage to your opponent, and the seventh to deal 1 damage to Cacophodon, as we use its Enrage ability to untap Niv-Mizzet. [Cards in hand: 7, Cards in library: 5, Opp Damage: 26] (Our opponent also discards one card here and draws seven, and the discard trigger from their Buccaneer could bring us as low as 1, but not less than that.)

7. Tap Niv-Mizzet to loot. Our three Buccaneers deal three damage to the opponent from the discard, and we use Niv's draw trigger to deal 1 damage to Cacophodon, which in turn uses its Enrage trigger to untap Niv. [Cards in hand: 7, Cards in library: 4, Opp Damage: 29]

10. Repeat Step 4 three more times, using the final Niv-Mizzet damage trigger to hit the opponent instead of Cacophodon. [Cards in hand: 7, Cards in library: 0, Opp Damage: 42]

PHEW! We made it!


Our M20 season is now over. Congratulations to our back-to-back season winner, Matthew Williams, who will be taking home a full booster box of Throne of Eldraine and a Possibility Storm Champion playmat!

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