Puzzle: Copy This? Copy That.

It’s time for another Possibility Storm puzzle! Here we go again. Your opponent is at a healthy 20 life with a league of blockers, and you’ve got four different cards that say the word “Copy”. Can you plagiarize your way to victory in this week’s puzzle?

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1. Activate Saheeli to make Sleek Schooner a copy of Firemind Vessel.

2. Cast Fraying Omnipotence. Trigger Saheeli’s ability to create a Servo, but don’t resolve it yet. Don’t resolve Fraying Omnipotence yet, either.

3. Cast Siren’s Ruse targeting Naru Meha. Trigger Saheeli and resolve the Servo, but also don’t resolve Siren’s Ruse just yet.

4. Cast Narset’s Reversal targeting Siren’s Ruse. Trigger Saheeli, resolve the Servo and the Reversal, copying Ruse (target Naru Meha), and returning Ruse to your hand.

5. When Naru Meha gets flickered, copy Fraying Omnipotence and resolve it. Your opponent sacrifices four creatures and goes to 10. We sacrifice two Servos, go to 4, and discard Expansion // Explosion.

6. Cast Siren’s Ruse targeting Naru Meha again. Trigger Saheeli, resolve the Servo, then resolve Siren’s Ruse.

7. When Naru Meha gets flickered, copy Fraying Omnipotence again and resolve it. Your opponent sacrifices two creatures and goes to 5. We sacrifice the Servi from step 6, Naru Meha and go to 2.

8. Now resolve the Servo trigger from step 2.

9. Finally, resolve the original Fraying Omnipotence. Our opponent sacrifices their last creature and goes to 2. We sacrifice our Servo and go to 1.

10. Attack with Desperate Castaways for lethal!


Follow the charts to see how the competition is faring this season! With only two puzzles left, it’s a tight race for the top 4 spots! See what they’re playing for and the full leaderboard here.


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