Puzzle: Clan-Combine Combos *Solution*

Welcome back to another weekly Possibility Storm puzzle.

We’ve got a clever little challenge for you today. There are a few ways to get almost enough damage, but only one way to deal the full thirteen. Can you find it before the answer appears here on Wednesday?

Possibility Storm Puzzle with a complex Magic: The Gathering board state.

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  1. Activate Combine Guildmage’s first ability.
  2. Cast Incubation Druid. It enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter. When its riot ability (from Rhythm of the Wild) triggers, choose to give it haste, and then tap it for 3 mana. (You’ll have 7 available at this point.)
  3. Cast Zhur-Taa Goblin. It enters with a +1/+1 counter and gets two riot triggers. Choose to have both of them give it another +1/+1 counter, for three in total.
  4. Cast Galloping Lizrog. It enters with a +1/+1 counter, then triggers its riot ability and its own regular ETB ability. (It doesn’t matter what order you stack/resolve them in.) Have riot give it haste, and then its ability removes all other counters, including its own (1 from the Druid, 3 from the Goblin, and 1 from itself) to put ten +1/+1 counters on it.
  5. Attack with a hasty unblockable (thanks to Herald of Secret Streams) 13/13 for the win!

Possibility Storm competitors are currently in the middle of the nine-puzzle Ravnica Allegiance season. Follow how they’re doing on the standings below. (See how scoring worksView the full leaderboard)

# Player Points # Player Points
1 Allen Smith 5.1 5 Justin Francis 4.4
2 Matthew Williams 5.0 6 Willem Boskaljon 4.4
3 Josh Oratz 4.5 7 Eric Fletcher 4.2
4 Paul Barrett 4.5 8 John Rojas 4.0
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