Puzzle: Big Board Commander Puzzle [Feat. Jimmy Wong]

It’s time for another Possibility Storm puzzle! 

Weird times call for weird puzzles, so we ventured into the world of 100-card singleton for a change with a little help from Commander aficionado Jimmy Wong! Come see if you can pilot this Marchesa madness to deal a smashing 105 damage this turn.

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  1. Tap 3 Mountains 3 Swamps, Worn Powerstone and Prismatic Geoscope for 10 mana 


  1. Cast Sarkan’s Unsealing. With Tidespout Tyrant trigger, bounce Privileged Position.


  1. Cast Treasonous Ogre, with Tyrant, bounce Spell Queller. (2 mana left.) 


  1. Cast Gut Shot for free targeting Roon and use Tyrant to bounce Fiend HunterStalking Vengeance comes into play. 


  1. Suspend Greater Gargadon, then sac 6 tapped lands, 2 tapped artifacts, Anger and Treasonous Ogre to it. (You have Lotus and one Mountain left). This will trigger Stalking Vengeance twice (5 total damage). Marchesa, the Black Rose will see Anger die and trigger. 


  1. Cast Greater Gargadon, triggering the Unsealing.  All opposing creatures will take lethal, generating 3 Zombies (9 total damage.) 


  1. Attack with everything, they dethrone, total powers will be – Marchesa 4, Overseer 6, Aku 7, Tyrant 6, Gargadon 10, Vengeance 6, for 39 damage (48 total) 


  1. After combat, use Lotus to cast Unspeakable Symbol. Tyrant triggers and returns Gargadon. Re-suspend Gargadon with the remaining Mountain. 


  1. Sac 3 Zombies (6 power), Aku (7), Tyrant (6), Overseer (6) and then finally Marchesa (4)4.  Marchesa will see everything but the Zombies die and trigger. Vengeance will trigger on all and deal 29 (77 total). 


  1. At end step these creatures return: Anger, Aku, Overseer, Tyrant, Marchesa. Stack them so Overseer is last. Let all but Overseer return, then sac them again without letting Gargadon come off suspend. Trigger Vengeance for  for 2 + 5 + 5 + 3 =15 (92 total). 


  1. Let Gargadon’s suspend counters come off and cast it, triggering Sarkhan’s Unyielding for 4 damage (96). 


  1. Then let Overseer return and kill the Gargadon, triggering Vengenace for 9 damage (105 total).



Thanks for playing – stay tuned for more puzzles coming soon!


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