Puzzle: A Reversal of Roles

Welcome back to Possibility Storm for another week of Magic puzzles! You control three planeswalkers versus your opponent’s one, and have a Role Reversal in hand. Can you shuffle the battlefield around in a way that let’s you win this turn? Heads up – it’s a tricky one!

Possibility Storm #116

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Show the solution (available June 12th)

  1. Cast Fanatical Firebrand.
  2. +1 Chandra, Fire Artisan, exiling Flood of Recollection from the top of your library.
  3. Cast Role Reversal to exchange control of Chandra with your opponent’s Sarkhan, the Masterless.
  4. +1 Sarkhan to turn himself, The Wanderer, and Teyo, the Shieldmage into 4/4 Dragons.
  5. Activate and sacrifice Fanatical Firebrand to deal 1 damage to your opponent’s Chandra. Because you have Hexproof (from Teyo) and there are no other Planeswalkers on the battlefield (Sarkhan has made them all creatures – just creatures), Chandra only has one target… herself! This loops until she dies.
  6. Chandra dying puts a counter on Growing Populace.
  7. -3 The Wanderer to exile Growing Populace. (Yes, it somehow still has loyalty abilities even though it’s no longer a Planeswalker!)
  8. Attack with two 4/4 Dragons (Teyo and The Wanderer – Sarkhan has summoning sickness), and your 2/1 Sage’s Row Savant. Your opponent only has one blocker (Senate Courier), presumably blocks a Dragon, and takes 6 for lethal!


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Thanks for playing and tune in again next week!

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