Possibility Storm’s Preview Card Puzzle: Macabre Mockery *Solution*

Put your hand up if you like the Rakdos clan.

Put your hand up if you like reanimating creatures.

Put your hand up if you like stealing creatures.

Put your hand up if you like doing things at instant speed that you normally can’t.

Put your hand up if you like puzzles.

Now, put all five of your hands down and scroll down to see Possibility Storm’s grand reveal of Macabre Mockery, generously given to us to reveal by WotC!

The third installment in the Gruesome Encore/Puppeteer Clique portfolio, Macabre Mockery packs a ton of punch by adding 2 extra power and potent instant-speed trickery. (You can even do that Through the Breach thing where you cast it during your opponent’s end step and get to hold onto it for the duration of your next turn!)

Rakdos is looking to be pretty aggressive in Ravnica Allegiance¬†Limited, and simultaneously stealing and pumping your opponent’s best dead creature may be an excellent way to close out games.

On the Constructed side, it’s harder to see exactly what a use case might be, but the fact that it’s an instant opens doors to a lot of creative tomfoolery.

Speaking of tomfoolery, there’s another format to consider: Puzzles! Wherever you see our logo, rest assured that a puzzle is somewhere to be found, so see below for today’s challenge, featuring the freshly revealed Macabre Mockery!

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Can you figure it out? If not, come back here on tomorrow for the official solution.

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  1. Cast Macabre Mockery, targeting Hostage Taker in the opponent’s graveyard. When it enters the battlefield, have it exile your opponent’s Dire Fleet Poisoner.
  2. Attack with your 4/3 Hostage taker and two 5/5 trample Rowdy Crews.
  3. After your opponent blocks, no matter how they choose their blockers, cast Dire Fleet Poisoner from exile and target whichever Rowdy Crew is blocked by Cold-Water Snapper.

Because it now has trample and deathtouch, it only has to deal 1 damage to the Snapper and the rest goes through to the opponent. Their best block will let 1 damage trample over the two Whisper Agents and 5 trample over the Snapper for a lethal 6 damage!
(If they don’t block a Rowdy Crew with the Snapper, they’re in for even bigger trouble.)


Possibility Storm picks up again with its next puzzle here on ChannelFireball.com on Monday, Jan 21st. You can also join in their Ravnica Allegiance competitive season via their Patreon, which kicks off January 22nd. Good luck!

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