Popeye Stompy

It’s been quite a week for Legacy as the newest deck, “Popeye Stompy” has been garnering a lot of attention. This was initially going to be saved for the Legacy Team Pro Tour in August, but it looks like the cat exploded out of the bag, so I might as well unveil it.

Without further ado, the list:

Popeye Stompy

Some notes on card choices:

Mana Base: Typical Stompy mana base, nothing special here. Saprazzan Skerry works really well with Skyship Plunderer.

4 Siren’s Ruse: This card is the MVP. It’s really good at saving your Pirates from walking the plank. Along with Siren Stormtamer, my Pirates usually swim instead of sinking against my opponent’s removal.

4 Chalice of the Void, 4 Force of Will, 1 Counterbalance, and 1 Umezawa’s Jitte: Normal Stompy lock pieces. Jitte also works well with Skyship Plunderer. I did the math on Counterbalance and I play 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5s, so it should be good. Also, you can cast it directly off of Saprazzan Skerry.

The rest of the deck is just Pirates—very self-explanatory. There’s nothing out of place, so I’m not really sure there’s much worth discussing. The sideboard, however, gets very interesting.

The Lands matchup was very difficult because it was hard to connect with my creatures. I added 2 Tsabo’s Web and then it felt like I couldn’t lose when I drew them. The combo is also difficult game 1, so I have some counterspells that I can cast through Chalice, plus some Trinispheres. I also moved the Parallax Tide/Hoodwink combo to the sideboard because it wasn’t good enough main deck. You stack the exile land triggers, then Hoodwink back the Parallax Tide to Armageddon your opponents.

So was that more likely, or was this more likely:


Yeah that’s right Julian. We need to keep this tech secret for 10 months!

This is getting out of control.

Like really, really fast…

Okay, at the end of the day I am dying of laughter. I don’t know how this exploded like it did. Maybe we’re all just addicts looking for a spicy brew to feast our eyes upon. Maybe we all secretly wish we were Pirates. Maybe Legacy has been boring for the last 4 years (*cough* go away Deathrite Shaman *cough*).

It’s funny to see people go crazy over something that is so obviously absurd. Legacy is a format about peak efficiency or extreme disruption. Pirates are about… what exactly? But perhaps, the best part about this entire situation is that people have built entire decks from scratch and streamed them to some success. Just admire this board state:

This brilliant work of art makes me rejoice at the beauty of the mind of man. It’s funny how rumors can cause the internet to go crazy so fast. We live in the viral age.

I won’t say that no harm came out of it, as there were some speculators who went out to drive up the price of Rishadan Brigand. To you, I apologize. Maybe test your specs before buying next time? There were also some interesting Reddit and MTGTheSource threads about the “morality” of sharing deck lists. I’m in agreement with most people. If you want it private, then test in private.

Of course, all of this is going to come back to bite me as I lose to Popeye Stompy playing for Top 8 at my next event. KARRRRRRRRma is a b****.

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