Owen’s Pick of the Week – Mardu Dragons

Mardu Dragons

My pick of the week is Mardu Dragons. This is a deck designed by Ben Stark and it’s the list I played in the Standard Super League two weeks running. I also recorded some matches online with the deck which you can see later today.

In the games I recorded I played against three different green ramp decks ­ Elvish Mystic is a popular card in the Magic Online metagame it seems. I was happy to be playing a deck that featured 4 Anger of the Gods, but I didn’t draw it as often as I would have liked, so my results suffered. That said, I was happy with the deck and if I knew I was going to play against green decks all day again I would stick with it.

Against GW Collected Company



Against Swordwise Centaur Aggro



Against GR Dragonlord Atarka Ramp



I had some issues with poor mana draws and a painful mana base. Moving forward it would be smart to play two more Temple of Silence over a Caves of Koilos and a Haven of the Spirit Dragon.

The card that impressed me the most was Stormbreath Dragon, I felt I had a good chance to win whenever I drew it—even when I had no other spells. I didn’t win those games, due to other weaknesses in my draws, but I felt I had a good chance to win simply by drawing five lands and Stormbreath. Moving forward, Stormbreath is a good card to pay attention to in Standard and I think it pairs particularly well with Foul-Tongue Invocation and Draconic Roar. Obvious synergies aside, cards that can trade for a creature and gain a life/damage benefit means you can keep up with your opponent in terms of tempo while also getting a tangible advantage in a damage race. I felt largely advantaged when I curved Draconic Roar into Foul-Tongue into Stormbreath Dragon and frankly that’s just not a hard draw to get.

I did feel a little unlucky to never get paired against Esper Dragons, my best matchup. It’s a matchup where my painful manabase would never hurt me, and the clear reason why I’m splashing white is for Crackling Doom and I never even got to use it on a Dragonlord Ojutai. Is that too much to ask for?

Owen Turtenwald
qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnuj on Magic Online


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