One of the Best Mythics in Guilds of Ravnica Isn’t Even the Best Card in its Guild

Whether it’s the planeswalkers, a key cycle like the Gearhulks, or just an absurdly powerful card like Rekindling Phoenix, a set’s mythics will tell you a lot about how the format will look. One of the cards shaping the format isn’t even the most powerful mythic in its guild!

Trostani isn’t all that flashy outside of the fact that she’s a mythic rare. A 1-power creature for 5 mana doesn’t turn any heads, but obviously there’s more to Trostani Discordant than that. You’re getting something that resembles Cloudgoat Ranger with potentially much more power.

I don’t think that Trostani Discordant is even the most powerful Selesnya mythic in Guilds of Ravnica. That honor goes to March of the Multitudes. She does, however, play absurdly well with March. Not only does Troastani provide her own tokens to pump, her synergy with other token producers is phenomenal. Playing Trostani the turn after March to pump your team and swing for absurd amounts is great, but the fact that Trostani also provides three bodies to help convoke out a bigger March is incredible.

Trostani herself doesn’t hit very hard, but she does have some key stats. The 4 toughness is real as Standard is filled with Shocks, Lightning Strikes, and Wizard’s Lightnings. Being a 4/4 is almost always better, but even that might not be true with the popularity of Justice Strike. Not dying to even more removal spells makes Trostani fairly difficult for Standard decks to deal with as they’re currently built.

Sweepers tend to be strong against any Tokens strategy. The current sweepers, however, struggle with Trostani. Sure, a Deafening Clarion or Ritual of Soot will sweep up the tokens she produces, but leaving Trostani on the board still grants an awesome effect. With March of the Multitudes being an instant, opponents will need to deal with your big Anthem creature or risk an end-step March for the win at any moment.

Trostani’s other ability is cute, but it isn’t currently really relevant. Control magic effects aren’t very powerful right now, especially as Confiscation Coup just rotated out of the format, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind. These are effects we commonly see in Standard, and should another powerful one come along in future sets, Trostani Discordant will only get better.

Trostani Discordant should be a major player in Standard. The surface stats alone are excellent as we’re getting 5 power across three bodies and 4 of that power has lifelink. This is a tough card for a red deck to get off the battlefield and we’ve already seen what Regal Caracal can do to aggro strategies. Being out of 3-damage burn spell range makes Trostani much better than the Cat lord, and pumping the rest of your team makes this a fantastic addition to Selesnya token strategies. With March of the Multitudes and Venerated Loxodon also coming out of Guilds of Ravnica to play well with the legendary Dryad, I love what Trostani is bringing to the table!

Trostani Discordant

Eric Shoopman, 1st place at SCG Team Open

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