One Insane Aether Revolt Sealed Pool—What’s the Build?

For today’s article, we’re going to work on a Kaladesh/Aether Revolt Sealed pool. I’m going to present the pool, and then give you 3 potential builds. I want you to think about which one you’d rather have and why. Then, later today, I’ll explain my choice. I’m including the original pool for reference, and you can, of course, build a different deck, but try to focus more on which colors you would build your deck, rather than whether you’d play a specific card or not—the goal of the exercise is to come up with the best color combination and not necessarily the best exact 40 cards. Basically, look at the 3 builds I have and just choose which deck you’d rather have in a tournament.

The Pool

Sealed deck 0

The Options

A) Green-Black Splashing Red

Sealed deck 1

B) Green-Red

Sealed deck 2

C) Red-Black

Sealed deck 3

It should be clear that, no matter what you decide to do, you can’t mess this up too badly—this is one of the best pools I’ve ever seen and your deck will be amazing no matter what. The name of the person who opened this pool will remain confidential *cough* Mike Sigrist *cough*, but it’s obvious that they are one of the luckiest individuals who ever lived. That said, each build utilizes your bombs, removal, and curve in a different way, and I think there is a subtle distinction between the best deck you can build, the second-best deck, and the third-best deck.

Let’s see if you agree with me on which one is which.


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