Oblivion Sower Brew Fest

When I first saw Oblivion Sower, I didn’t think this would be the card I’d end up thinking about the most in Battle for Zendikar.

Bring to Light and Retreat to Coralhelm were quick to light up my brain, but they were just as quick to find an immediate useful application. Oblivion Sower is a more difficult puzzle.

After first reading the card, I saw it as a poor man’s Primeval Titan. An over-sized Pilgrim’s Eye. Here is a big body and some ramp for 6 mana. You can probably steal 1-2 lands from the opponent. Solid. Will play in Standard.

But at some point when talking about the card, I found out that you get to pull not just from the 4 cards you exile when you cast Sower, but from ALL of your opponent’s exiled cards! Huge difference! The maximum potential went from 4 lands to 40! Crazy.

Oblivion Sower Brew Fest

My goal is to figure out how to best maximize this card, how to retrieve the most lands possible and how to follow that up best. I’m interested in both Standard and Modern—Standard because this card’s stats make it compete on its own, and Modern because the set-up options are so much more extensive.

For ideas, I would like to share my excitement with you, the community, and see what we can make happen. I have a few ideas, but I’m interested to see what we can come up with as a group. So our next Brew Fest is all about Oblivion Sower.

Oblivion Sower Brew Fest Submission Guidelines

  • Standard OR Modern Format
  • Plays 4x Oblivion Sower
  • Tries to Push Oblivion Sower to the Max
  • Description is Brief: >250 Words

Share your brews in the comments. Take a few days if you like. Think about it. Next week I’ll be back with a survey of some of the most enticing options. Later, I’ll hopefully have an awesome build of my own to show off. But for now, the focus is on you, and what you can come up with.

I’m excited to see your submissions in the comments!

<3 Travis

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