Wizards Announces 2020 Slate of Commander Products, Including Draftable Release

“It’s a great time to be a Commander player.” This was a phrase repeated often by Gavin Verhey in today’s announcement of Commander products for 2020.

The first release will be the annual Commander release. There will be five decks this year and instead of being released in the back half of the year, the five decks will be released to coincide with Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. The five decks will contain reprints and 71 new-to-Commander cards. These cards will not be available in Draft Boosters; there was no mention of their availability in Theme Boosters or Collector Boosters. The decks will be available to play at the Ikoria Prerelease, April 17-19. They will play on the themes of Ikoria and allow players to build decks around the set’s themes. The goal here was to avoid an issue similar to Kaladesh block and energy, where there were not a sufficient number of cards to pursue a deck based around the block’s throughline theme.

There will also be Commander decks released with Zendikar Rising. For the last Standard set of 2020 there will be two Commander decks–replacing Planeswalker decks–each with three new Commander cards. These decks are designed to be simpler iterations of Commander decks, serving as an on-ramp to Magic and Commander. Planeswalker decks will be released with Core Set 2021.

Commander Collection: Green contains eight reprints that are either green or “themed green.” They each contain new art and will be available in foil or non-foil treatments depending on where you purchase them, according to Verhey. While two pieces of art were revealed, the corresponding cards where not.

The final product is coming in the final quarter of 2020. Commander Legends is a draftable Commander experience. While details on how the draft were not released, some information about the set was made public. It will contain over 70 Legendaries–including some number of planeswalkers–and will come in 20-card booster packs. Each pack will contain a premium foil card. Like the Zendikar Rising Commander decks, there will be two Commander decks released with Commander Legends, each containing three new cards. There were two arts revealed today, including one for Sengir, the Dark Baron and a planeswalker speculated to be the sparked version of Jeska, Warrior Adept.

We will be bringing you more information on each of these releases as they are made public. If you want more Commander fix, be sure to tune into twitch.tv/channelfireball at 9 a.m. Pacific Time this Saturday, November 2nd for a stream from CommandFest Seattle.

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