News Round Up: Week of July 13

Let’s take a look back at this week’s news in the world of Magic.

On Monday, Historic, Modern, Pauper, and Pioneer were reshaped by an update to the banned list.

Tuesday gave us a look into what the upcoming season of Esports and professional league play will look like in the post-Covid world of 2021.

Wednesday saw the release of MTG Arena’s July State of the Game. This time around there were details Jumpstart queues and information on the Historic and Pioneer formats for the platform.

Also on Wednesday, the MTG Companion app officially launched. The app is designed to help organize events and you can read about it on the official Magic website.

We are rapidly approaching the release (and spoiler season) for Double Masters. The Mothership has details on the official spoiler schedule as well as the contents of the set’s VIP Boosters.

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