News Round Up: Week of August 17

Another week is in the books. Let’s look back at the news highlights from the world of Magic.

CommandFest Online 2 is still going strong and yesterday we got more information on Commander Collection: Green and Commander Legends. Commander Legends will be sure to shake up the format as it features 41 new mono-color Partner Commanders, and several other high impact legendary options.

We got two new Secret Lairs this week. First, Prime Slime came and went on August 19th. The limited series also revealed Every Dog Has Its Day. The canine centered Secret Lair goes on sale August 26th and will be available in both foil and non-foil versions.

The player list for September’s Mythic Invitational has been published. The tournament will take place September 10-13 and will feature the Historic Format.

Speaking of Historic, we can expect a ban to drop tomorrow. While we do not know what is getting the axe, many are expecting Field of the Dead to, at the very least, take some time on the Suspended List.

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