News Brief: Throne of Eldraine, Mythic Championship V Details, and Magic Pro League Changes

The first Throne of Eldraine cards hit the scene in both digital and tabletop this past week. But the biggest news was about updates to organized play. This is your week in Magic news.

Mythic Championship V Challengers

The next Arena Mythic Championship will begin on October 18th and last week we found out the list of Challengers who will be pitted against each other and member of the Magic Pro League to see who will win their share of $750,000 and potentially earn an invite to the World Championship as the next Mattias Alfredo Leveratto.

To be fair, Leveratto could be the next version of himself as he earned an invite to the upcoming Mythic Championship. Other notable Challengers include Aaron Barich, Kai Budde, Stanislav Cifka, Caleb Durward, Kenji Egashira, Yuuki Ichikawa, Raphael Levy, Gabriel Nassif, Greg Orange, Sebastian Pozzo, Gaby Spartz, Ondrej Strasky, Oliver Tiu, and David Williams. They join 22 other Challengers in the quest to become a Mythic Champion.

Magic Pro League Eldraine Split

Even as we get ready for the action of Mythic Championship V, the Magic Pro League is starting to play for a bye into Day Two of Mythic Championship VII. There are a few changes in the playoff structure for this Split. Perhaps the one that could have the greatest impact is that if there are five or more players at 4-3 or better, the fourth seed and below will have a play-in series to get a spot in the lower bracket. From there, things are similar except once players reach the finals. Instead of the loser bracket having to win twice, all finals will now be best two-out-of-three matches. Also new in the Eldraine Split: players will use the same deck for both Divisional play and the playoff.

The divisions were reseeded based upon Mythic Points and are as follows:

Sapphire: Reid Duke, Rei Sato, Piotr Glogowski, Alexander Hayne, Jessica Estephan, Lucas Esper Berthoud, John Rolf, Martin Juza.

The Sapphire Division plays their matches September 30th-October 3rd and their playoff takes place on October 5th.

Ruby: Javier Dominguez, Autumn Burchett, Ken Yukuhiro, Jean-Emmanuel Depraz, Luis Salvatto, Eric Froehlich, William Jensen, Grzegorz Kowalski

The Ruby Division plays their matches October 21st-24th and their playoff takes place on October 26th.

Pearl: Brian Braun-Duin, Andrea Mengucci, Shahar Shenhar, Shota Yasooka, Janne Mikkonen, Matt Nass, Andrew Cuneo, Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa

The Pearl Division plays their matches October 28th-31st and their playoff takes place on November 2nd.

Emerald: Seth Manfield, Marcio Carvalho, Brad Nelson, Lee Shi Tian, Ben Stark, Mike Sigrist, Christian Hauck, Carlos Romao.

The Emerald Division plays their matches November 11th-14th and their playoff takes place on November 16th.

Updates to Qualifying

In a general Esports/Organized Play announcement, information about so-called “fractional invites” was made available. These invites were requested after the last round of announcements to reward players who had a series of strong finishes in a season without hitting a qualifying threshold. For Arena, it was announced that each Mythic Invitational would have four slots reserved for players who perform consistently well on Arena in a qualifying season.

On the tabletop side of things, different events will be assigned different “weights” when looking at qualifying for Players Tour or the Players Tour Finals. High Players Tour finishes will be assigned a value of 1. Grand Prix will have a weight of 0.8 and Players Tour Finals will be weighted at 1.2 Collecting enough “almost” finishes at these events will allow players to stay on the so-called train.

Looking Forward

This week the Eldraine Split of the Magic Pro League kicks off play on Arena while the set finds a paper release. The week finishes up in Montreal with a MagicFest and a Limited Grand Prix highlighting, what else, Throne of Eldraine.

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