News Brief: Modern Horizons, Changes to Magic Online, MCQW, MPL Update, and GP Providence

Modern Horizons, changes to Magic Online, the first Arena Mythic Qualifier, and a Team Grand Prix. This is your week in Magic news.

Modern Horizons

There’s only a few days left before we get the full card list for Modern Horizons. The hits, however, keep coming. In the last week we’ve seen the second ever 2 mana planeswalker in Wrenn and Six, a legendary creature card for Urza, and two ally color swords in Sword of Truth and Justice and Sword of Sinew and Steel. The straight to Modern product is poised make waves in Modern, Legacy, Pauper, and potentially Vintage. All this with less than half of the cards officially spoiled. On top of all this, Modern Horizons booster packs will not contain an ad card. Rather, they will have an art card, featuring one of 54 illustrations from the set.

Changes Coming to Magic Online

The release of Modern Horizons won’t only impact Constructed formats. The new set will herald a number of changes to Magic Online. The next release will introduce a new way to enter release events in the form of Modern Horizon tokens, available in the Magic Online store or from winning release events. The Modern Horizons update will also see an overhaul of the play lobby that puts the focus on formats, as opposed to events. The front screen will also have a deck viewer, allowing you to view a selected deck without having to tab over to the collections area.

Constructed leagues are also getting an overhaul. For formats with two leagues—friendly and competitive—the leagues are being merged. Moving forward for all Constructed formats with league play, there will be a single structure. The entry fee will be 10 event tickets or 100 play points. Format points, which help players qualify for format playoffs and through those tournaments the Magic Online Championship Series, will be awarded to league runs of 3-2 or better. This is a change from the old competitive structure that gave out format points for 4-1 finishes or better.

These changes will take effect after the Modern Horizons update on June 6, 2019.

Mythic Championship Qualifier Weekend on Arena

This weekend saw the first Mythic Championship Qualifier on Arena. Around 2,000 players participated in Day 1 with 128 making the cut to Day Two. At the end of Sunday 16 players qualified to play in the Arena Mythic Championship taking place this June in Las Vegas. The qualified players include Pro Tour San Diego Champion Simon Goertzen, Pro Tour Top 8 competitor Kentaro Yamamoto, and Corey Burkhart, who also played in Grand Prix Providence this weekend.

Magic Pro League Update

With the next Mythic Championship just over three weeks away, players in the Magic Pro League are vying for the all important bye to the second day of competition. After three weeks in the Spark split season we are seeing clear division leaders. Brian Braun-Duin and Eric Froehlich are at the head of pearl division with 4-1 records, Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, Piotr Glogowski, and Rei Sato share the lead of sapphire division at 3-1, and Ken Yukuhiro and Lucas Esper Berthoud both have 3-1 records to pace the ruby division, but Jessica Estephan and Janne Mikkonen still have matches to make up. Brad Nelson and Seth Manfield lead the emerald division with unblemished 4-0 records.

Grand Prix Providence

The name of the game at the Grand Prix at MagicFest Providence was War of the Spark Team Limited. With each team receiving 18 booster packs to build three decks, there was potential for 36 planeswalkers per match. That’s a lot of loyalty.

At the end of Sunday, the 550 teams that started Saturday had been whittled down to four. Two Drafts later there was only one team left standing. Vince Ferraiuolo, Joel Sadowsky, and Andrew Vorel defeated Ricardo Pileggi, Xavier Biron, and Vincent Laberge in the finals to keep at least one-third of the trophy in Ferraiuolo’s native Rhode Island.

Looking Forward

This week we will see every card Modern Horizons has to offer. Then the Grand Prix circuit travels to Kansas City, Missouri where the main event at the MagicFest will feature Standard.


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