News Brief: MagicFest Updates, WAR Spoilers, and the Mythic Invitational Post-Mortem

We are still basking in the afterglow of the Mythic Invitational. There are still a few weeks until the next Mythic Championship and in the run-up we are getting up close and personal with War of the Spark. Here’s your news from the world of Magic.

MagicFest Updates

CFBEvents has released the schedule and prize structure for Grand Prix at MagicFests during the third quarter of 2019. Highlights include a double Grand Prix—Limited and Modern—at MagicFest Las Vegas, August 22rd-25th, a pair of Team Modern Grand Prix at MagicFest Indianapolis (September 6th-8th) and Ghent (September 13th-15th), and a Legacy Grand Prix at MagicFest Atlanta (September 20th-22nd).

CFBEvents also announced that the following Grand Prix would receive video coverage:

  • Grand Prix Washington DC – Modern Horizons Limited
  • Grand Prix Dallas-Fort Worth – Modern
  • Both Grand Prix Las Vegas – Modern Horizons Limited and Modern

The announcement had some additional updates, including an update to prizes and an improvement for Commander play space. Perhaps the most relevant to competitive players: Starting with Grand Prix Kansas City on May 31st, CFBEvents will be taking deck lists exclusively through their digital portal, my.cfbevents.com. There will be kiosks on site for people who are not able to register their deck in advance.

War of the Spark Spoilers

Spoiler season is upon us and War of the Spark is doing this a little differently. In the run-up to the Grand Prix and Mythic Championship at MagicFest London, both of which will feature War of the Spark Limited before the set is officially on shelves, the entirety of the newest release is being spoiled. Deemed an “event set”—that is, the cards depict a linear narrative—Wizards of the Coast is breaking down different cards into scenes that you can see here.

Mythic Invitational Post-Mortem

Last week Bear Schmiedicker, the Director of Competitive Digital Gaming, published a debrief of the Mythic Invitational. There were some gaudy numbers regarding viewership on Twitch—a peak of 157,000 views during Sunday’s finals and over the course of the weekend there were “8.1 million views of Magic content.” Schmiedicker did take time to comment on Duo Standard. The goal for the event was to have a format that could “reward skill, be fun to watch, be simple to understand and explain, and closely resemble your at home play experience.” Duo Standard “did not balance all those levers” and as such the team will be investigating other options for the next major Arena event.

Schmiedicker ended the piece discussing the coverage of the Invitational. He acknowledged the audio issues—ambient noise from the convention hall—and noted that improvements should be coming to the broadcast for Mythic Championship London. The piece ended by informing the audience that Sean “Day9” Plott would be hosting every MTG Arena Mythic Championship this season.

Looking Forward

The next Mythic Championship is three weeks away. London will feature Modern Constructed and War of the Spark Limited, and will showcase a test of the new mulligan rule. The rule—called the London Mulligan—is also set to be tested on Magic Online starting this Wednesday. We get another taste at what Modern might be in London with the Grand Prix at MagicFest Sao Paulo this weekend.

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