News Brief: Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica, Commander 2018, and Grand Prix Turin and Minneapolis

The last full week of July gave the world of Magic two Grand Prix, and crossed some serious streams.

Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica

Once Wizards of the Coast acquired TSR, and with it the license to Dungeons & Dragons, one question was at the forefront of everyone’s mind: when will there be a Magic and D&D crossover? The recent online releases were a step in that direction but it took the plane of Ravnica to bring the streams together.

The Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica is an online supplement, available through dndbeyond.com, that lets Dungeon Masters lead quests through the planet sized megapolis. You can preorder the module today.

Commander 2018

The latest decks in the Commander product line were spoiled over the course of last week. Each of the four decks is helmed by a new planeswalker that can serve as your commander, as well as two additional new legendary creatures that can take on the same role. Each deck also contains one new legendary creature that lacks the correct color identity to serve as a commander in their deck.

The complete spoiler can be found here while the deck lists and tokens can be found here.

Grand Prix Turin and Minneapolis

Core Set 2019 remained the focus of the Grand Prix circuit this weekend. The format won’t be on display at the upcoming Pro Tour, but on Sunday it hogged the spotlight in two cities.

First up was Grand Prix Turin. While many of the game’s top professional players were in Minneapolis for the sister Grand Prix, that didn’t mean that the competition was any less fierce in Italy. While white is seen as one of the better colors in Core Set 2019 Limited, Joao Choca took the trophy home with a powerful green-black deck featuring hits such as Vine Mare, Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma, and Murder.


Grand Prix Minneapolis had its share of star power. With the Pro Tour starting on Friday, the professional players descended on one of the Twin Cities to try their hand at Core Set 2019 Sealed and Draft. The Top 8 featured names like Ken Yukuhiro, Kentaro Yamamoto, and Magic Online Champion Magnus Lantto. It was Lantto, piloting a white-blue deck aggressive deck with Leonin Warleader and two copies of Switcheroo to the winner’s circle.


Looking Forward

This week the Magic world keeps its eyes on Minneapolis for Pro Tour 25th Anniversary. Teams of three will play Team Trios Constructed: Standard, Modern, and Legacy. It is the first time three-person teams has been a Pro Tour format since Pro Tour Charleston (Ravnica block Constructed) and the first team Pro Tour since Pro Tour San Diego (Time Spiral block Two-Headed Giant Limited). The Pro Tour will also serve as home for the Silver Showcase, an exhibition event designed to show off Magic’s history. Meanwhile at GenCon, a Beta Draft will take place. Just like in Las Vegas, players will have to qualify for a chance to open some of Magic’s oldest packs.

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