News Brief: Core Set 2019 Basic Land Slot and Grand Prix Sao Paulo

We got our hands on Core Set 2019 during the prerelease and Magic’s 25th birthday celebration traveled to Brazil for a Modern Grand Prix. This is your news wrap up for the week of July 2, 2018.

Core Set 2019 at Grand Prix

Core Set 2019 has something different going on in the basic land slot. The space in a booster pack normally reserved for a basic land can contain either one of the five basic lands, one of the ten common dual lands (e.g., Timber Gorge or Highland Lake), or a checklist card for Nicol Bolas, the Ravager. This distinction will affect the way Core Set 2019 is drafted.

Wizards has released guidance on this wrinkle in pack structure. If a checklist card is opened, it is recommended to remove it from the pack. The lands, both basic and nonbasic, should remain as the 15th card and be eligible to be taken with a pick. This will yield some packs with 14 cards and others with 15.

For Grand Prix featuring Core Set 2019 Limited—Grand Prix Chiba, Sacramento, Minneapolis, and Turin—the basic land and the checklist cards will be removed from stamped product (those used in Day 2 Drafts). The nonbasic dual lands will remain. The result will be some packs with 14 cards and others with 14 and a draftable dual land.

Grand Prix São Paulo

Magic’s 25th anniversary celebration traveled to São Paulo this weekend for a Modern Grand Prix. 1,429 players arrived to battle and in the process set the record for the largest Grand Prix ever held in South America. The Top 8 decks displayed the diversity of the format with seven different archetypes making it to the final rounds. The highest profile name—Sebastian Pozzo—was playing the deck of the moment in Krark-Clan Ironworks. Making it to the semifinals all seemed lost in game 2 when his opponent, Jose Luis Echeverria Parde on Mardu Pyromancer, cast Inquisition of Kozilek and took a Scrap Trawler, only to follow it up with Surgical Extraction. Pozzo was forced to do things the hard way with Wurmcoil Engine, but it was made easier due to Parde’s lack of lands. It was not to be, however, as the Mardu player won in three.

Jose Luis Echeverria Parde and Leonardo Giucci—on Abzan Traverse—had a finals match all about Lingering Souls. Tokens were everywhere on both sides of the battlefield but in the end the strength of Bedlam Reveler outclassed Siege Rhino. Mardu Pyromancer emerged triumphant and Jose Luis Echeverria Parde is your latest Grand Prix Champion!

Mardu Pyromancer

Looking Forward

With no Grand Prix and no Nationals on the calendar for next week the world of Magic will take a short breather as it adjusts to the presence of Core Set 2019. In two weeks the Grand Prix circuit gets its first taste of Core Set 2019 Limited with events in Sacramento and Chiba. After that, another Limited Grand Prix in Minneapolis leads up to the Team Pro Tour 25th anniversary the first weekend of August.


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