News Brief: Cookies, Trailers and the Full Slate of 2020 Standard Releases

Cookies and trailers and the entire list of Standard releases for 2020. This is your week in Magic news.

This Week in Magic

Throne of Eldraine Trailer and More 

On Wednesday, September 4th, the Throne of Eldraine preview stream went live. The broadcast kicked off with a baking demonstration, complete with card previews, before launching into the set’s cinematic trailer.

After the trailer we got more information on the set, including the reveal of all  two of the three planeswalker cards in Throne of Eldraine: Oko, Thief of Crowns, and Garruk, Cursed Huntsman. Mark Rosewater also disclosed that the third will feature both Rowan and Will Kenrith on a single card. The stream detailed how adventures work–you can cast either half of the card from your hand, but if you cast the adventure the spell resolves to exile, from where you can then cast the creature–and ended with the surprise that all four Throne of Eldraine Brawl decks were available to play on Arena in a special preview event.

But that wasn’t all. The stream also unveiled the name, and general theme of every Standard legal release for 2020. The sets are:

  • Theros: Beyond Death: a return to Theros featuring an exploration of the Underworld, where we last left Elspeth Tirel.
  • Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths: a new plane all about monsters, including what Rosewater has called one of the most ambitious mechanics to date where players will get to create their own giant monsters.
  • Core Set 2021: billed as a set for players who love Teferi.
  • Zendikar Rising: we go back to Zendikar, sans Eldrazi, to relive adventure world.

Throne of Eldraine Brawl Decks

With Brawl making its way to Arena, there was an article detailing all four decks from Throne of Eldraine as well as something interesting. Rather than playtest the decks exclusively in house, Wizards of the Coast used four contractors from outside the building to iterate the different builds. The article also talks about how on Arena there will be some substitutions for cards that are built for multiplayer matches, as opposed to the one-on-one Brawl format on Arena. 

Magic Pro League Sapphire Division Top 4

Magic Pro League play resumed after a two-week hiatus, this time with the Sapphire division battling it out for a chance to earn a bye into the second day of competition at the next Arena Mythic Championship. Matt Nass, Lee Shi Tian, Ken Yukuhiro, and Brian Braun-Duin came back to play on Saturday. Even though he found himself in the lower bracket, Lee Shi Tian battled back to earn his spot in Day Two of the Mythic Championship.

Lee Shi Tian’s Kethis Combo

Grand Prix Indianapolis

The MagicFest circuit was back after a brief break as well. This time it was a Team Modern Grand Prix with 330 trios doing battle for a chance to qualify for the next tabletop Mythic Championship in Richmond. At the end of Sunday, four teams stood above the rest: Mohamad Qadi-Joseph Karani-Kevin Brown, Matthew Hoey-Andrew Tenjum-Joseph Bernal, Nick Roller-James Moskal-Jonathan Zolot, and Chad Harney-Jonathan Hobbs-Ally Warfield.

The finals pitted the team of Qadi-Karani-Brown against Hoey-Tenjum-Bernal. Indianapolis figured to be a coming out party of sorts for the recently unbanned Stoneforge Mystic and the finals featured two Stoneblade decks. In the end, the trio of Qadi-Karani-Brown emerged triumphant with their decks -Whirza, Jeskai Stoneblade, and Burn.

Looking Forward

Next is the final Magic Pro League Core 2020 Split, featuring the Ruby Division. Meanwhile, Throne of Eldraine spoiler season kicks off in earnest. The week ends with the MagicFest in Ghent, featuring a Modern Grand Prix.

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