News Brief: Bridge From Below Banned in Modern, Arena Updates and MagicFest Formats

Core Set 2020 is almost out, Bridge From Below bites the dust, and Arena gets an update to the Mastery system. This is your week in Magic news.

This Week in Magic

Bridge from Below Banned in Modern

Bridge from Below

Today’s Banned and Restricted List update took aim at one of the current heavy hitters of Modern: Bridgevine. In order to take the deck down a notch, Bridge From Below has been banned in Modern. The hope is that by removing the enchantment that only operates from the graveyard, the ability to loop Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis and Altar of Dementia to deplete an opponent’s library will be neutered, leaving a graveyard value deck behind.

The Banned and Restricted List update takes effect today on Magic Online and on July 12th in tabletop. The next Banned and Restricted List update will be August 26th, 2019.

MagicFest Grand Prix Formats Announced

ChannelFireball Events has released the formats for the fourth quarter’s MagicFest Grand Prix main events. There is a Legacy Grand Prix at MagicFest Bologna in late November and one event–Grand Prix Portland on the weekend of December 21st–that hasn’t had its format announced yet.

Corpse Knight Misprint 

Corpse Knight

At last weekend’s prerelease events, some copies of Corpse Knight came out of packs printed with three toughness. This is apparently a localized error (although the localities have not been confirmed). Corpse Knight is a 2/2 creature and does not have three toughness.

Arena Mastery System Update 

Last week we talked about the introduction of the MTG: Arena Mastery System. The announcement neglected to include one element of the new system: XP rewards.

XP will be given out for free, but also as part of events. Players can earn at least 15 levels from these XP rewards. This is on top of XP that are part of prizes from Daily Quests and Wins.

The clarification announcement also provides a few additional details. The Mastery System is geared towards late-season play, which backloads events late in a set’s life cycle. While levels can reach as high as 100, the system currently looks to have most players peak at around level 80. As Arena does not want to incentivize buying Levels, that option will be removed during the end-of-July update.

Red Bull Untapped

This past weekend saw two Red Bull Untapped qualifiers: one in Florence, Italy and one in Brussels, Belgium. Red Bull Untapped is an independent tournament series with qualifiers, in both digital and tabletop Magic, each with a $10,000 prize pool. These tournaments feed the Red Bull Gaming Sphere finals in London on August 4th. That tournament has a $60,000 prize pool and will also qualify the winner for Mythic Championship VI in Richmond, Virginia. This type of third party circuit, with a path to the Mythic Championship, was alluded to in the initial Arena announcement.

The two tournaments were mixed-format, featuring both Modern Constructed and Modern Horizons Limited. Both events featured Magic Pro League members playing. In Florence, Andrea Mengucci and Javier Dominguez both made Top 8. Mengucci played the current bane of Modern, Hogaak, to a quarterfinals exit. Meanwhile, Dominguez, piloting Izzet Phoenix, took down the tournament.

Sunday’s tournament in Brussels featured five members of the Magic Pro League: Martin Juza, Piotr Glogowski, Marcio Carvalho, Christian Hauck, and Jean Emmanuel Depraz. Glogowski made Top 8 with Hogaak but went out in the semifinals. The winner? Anton De Smet and his classic Jund deck.

Congratulations to Dominguez and De Smet. We’ll see you in London!

Looking Forward 

Core Set 2020 gets its official release on Friday. Then we get a double dose of MagicFests in Detroit and Krakow. The format in both? Core 2020 Limited.

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