News Brief: Battlebond on MTGO, Global Series, GDS, Standard Showdown Lands, Team Series, & GP Copenhagen

The past week saw the introduction of a new talk show on Twitch, the new Great Designer, and the same old decks in Standard. Let’s dive in.

Battlebond on Magic Online

A select group of cards from Battlebond will be coming to Magic Online via the Treasure Chest prize packs. Chests are earned by winning different events and have become a vehicle to introduce new cards to the online ecosystem. The complete list of cards being added with the Core Set 2019 update on July 5th can be found here.

The list does not include every new card from Battlebond and specifically does not include the cards that feature the new mechanic “Partner with”. Digital Product Manager Alli Medwin explains the reasoning behind this exclusion as unforeseen complexity involving Core 2019, as well as attempting to bring the Brawl format rules in line with the recent update. Medwin says that the goal is to get the rest of the cards online within the next few update cycles.

Global Series: Jiangg Yanggu & Mu Yanling

In a series of articles this week, the story behind the Global Series, as well as the complete deck lists and an image gallery of new card art, was released. The goal of this line is to serve as an introductory product for different regions of the globe. There are a lot of interesting tidbits in the story of the creation of the Global Series, including that the names were conceived of in Chinese and then translated to English—a reverse of the typical process.

Weekly MTG

This week also saw the debut of a new weekly talk show on Twitch.tv. Hosted by Blake Rasmussen and Steve Sunu, the talk show will cover a variety of topics every week. The first episode featured some interesting news pieces as well. The entire program can be found below.

The Great Designer Search 3

The winner of the third edition of the Great Designer Search was decided. The final interviews and design test were conducted at Wizards of the Coast headquarters on Tuesday, June 5th. The winner of the design internship is Ari Nieh—congratulations Ari!

Core Set 2019 Story

Starting with Dominaria, Wizards of the Coast is contracting out the writing of each set’s story to authors from the genres of science fiction and fantasy. The author for the Core Set 2019 has been announced as Kate Elliot. During her appearance on Weekly MTG, she indicated that part of the story will take place on Tarkir, will involve the Elder Dragons and Yasova Dragonclaw, and will discuss the origins of the conflict between Ugin, the Spirit Dragon and Nicol Bolas.

Standard Showdown Lands

The next set of basic lands available in Standard Showdown prize packs were revealed. With art by Alayna Danner, these cards will be released with Core Set 2019.

2017-18 Pro Tour Team Series Update

There has been an update to the qualification list for the upcoming team Pro Tour 25th Anniversary. Originally, the Top 16 teams from the 2017-18 Pro Tour Team Series would receive invites for all six members on the roster to the team event. There were three teams tied for 16th and due to the tiebreakers laid out in the rules, the members of MTG Mint Card earned the right to play in the next Pro Tour.

But due to the fact that the tiebreaker was largely dependent on individual performances, for this season the two teams that were tied with MTG Mint Card will also earn invitations for all members. Those teams are Massdrop East and Final Last Samurai.

Congratulations to all those now qualified for the next Pro Tour!

Grand Prix Copenhagen

A week after Pro Tour Dominaria showed off just how powerful Goblin Chainwhirler can be, Standard at Grand Prix in Copehagen provided a suitable encore. In a Top 8 where two pros—Javier Dominguez and Martin Dang—both ran White-Blue Control, and another—Lukas Blohon—ran Red-Black Chainwhirler, it was Tobias Maurer who won the day. In a repeat of last week’s finals, Maurer took Mono-Red and a mana base of lands that enter the battlefield untapped to victory over a Red-Black Chainwhirler deck.


Tobias Maurer, 1st place at Grand Prix Copenhagen

Looking Forward

With Standard looking very much like a game of Goblin Chainwhirler agaisnt the world, next week’s double Grand Prix in Las Vegas could prove to be a respite. Featuring Modern and Dominaria Limited, the two Grand Prix at Las Vegas will provide a break from Standard before the format returns to the spotlight in two weeks at Grand Prix Pittsburgh.


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