News Brief: Banned and Restricted List, Ultimate Masters, and Grand Prix Warsaw

Thanksgiving in America made for a slower news week. We got a card list, a Grand Prix champion, and a Banned and Restricted list update.

Banned and Restricted List

There was a Banned and Restricted List update today. The update was brief in that there were no changes to any format and zero additional words discussing the lack of alterations to the list. The next scheduled update will take place in the new year on January 21, 2019.

Ultimate Masters

The complete card list for Ultimate Masters has been released. The final Masters set—a set made up entirely of reprints—caps off the series with a bang. Featuring such in demand cards like Reanimate, Tarmogoyf, Karn Liberated, Cavern of Souls, and more. The set also features a number of cards that have changed rarity, which will impact Pauper and Peasant Cubes, as well as Pauper in general. Each box purchased from a local game store will come with an extended art Ultimate Box Topper—one of 40 cards from the set. Ultimate Masters has an MSRP of $335.76 for a box of 24 boosters and will be available starting December 7th.

Grand Prix Warsaw

The professional circuit traveled to Poland for Grand Prix Warsaw this past weekend. Over 1,800 players descended on Warsaw, making it the largest Grand Prix in Poland’s history. The venue was jam packed with an additional 500 players playing in side events. Warsaw was so successful that an additional event—Magic Fest Krakow—was announced for 2019 before the weekend was over.

But as for the Grand Prix that did take place, the Top 8 of the Guilds of Ravnica Limited tournament was packed with talent. Hannes Kerem and Christian Seibold are two players with some results to their resume. Pascal Vieren made Top 8 and locked Platinum status for the upcoming cycle. Perhaps the most surprising name in the Top 8 was Julien Nuijten. It isn’t that Nuijten lacks talent but rather that it has been nearly a decade and a half since his greatest accomplishment—winning the 2004 World Championship.

None of these players hoisted the trophy at the end of Sunday, however. That honor went to Eduardo Sajgalik. Sajgalik, coming off a Top 8 in the Standard portion of Grand Prix New Jersey, is on a whirlwind tour of Grand Prix. After piloting his Golgari deck to a win, he is traveling to Shizuoka for Legacy, and then off to Liverpool to play some Team Unified Modern.

Looking Forward

Next week features a double Grand Prix in Shizuoka, Japan with Legacy and Standard getting the spotlight. After that it’s Team Unified Modern in Liverpool, England and just regular old Modern in Portland, United States. Then it’s time for the national teams to come out to play at the World Magic Cup!


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