News Brief: Ban Announcement Date Changed, Mythic Championship V and a New Un-Set

It is the week before Mythic Championship V, but the news came fast and furious this week. Another Un-product, a Mystery Booster, and the small matter of a shift in the Banned and Restricted List update. This is your week in Magic news.

Banned and Restricted List Announcement Moved Up

The last Banned and Restricted List update was made on October 7th with the next announcement scheduled for November 18th. On October 9th it was announced that, due to a “busy competitive schedule,” there would be a Banned and Restricted List announcement on October 21st.

The timing of this update to the announcement date caused quite a stir in the Magic community. It came on the heels of the decklist deadline for Mythic Championship V, which led some people to speculate that Golos, Tireless Pilgrim/Field of the Dead decks made up a significant portion of the field. The next major Standard event after Mythic Championship V is Mythic Championship VI, a tabletop Mythic Championship in Richmond November 8th-10th. Moving the announcement date forward gives Wizards of the Coast time to make changes to the Banned List before another marquee event if needed.

War of the Spark: Forsaken

The next Magic novel will take us back to Ravnica. War of the Spark: Forsaken by Greg Weisman takes place after the events of War of the Spark. The novel will be released on November 12th and is currently available for preorder.

Upcoming Products

We got information about a slew of upcoming products this week. First, the release dates for the next two expansions were revealed. Theros: Beyond Death will hit stores January 24th, 2020 with Prerelease events January 17th-19th, 2020. Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths will be released on April 24th, 2020 and will have its Prerelease weekend April 17th-19th, 2020.

The contents of the Throne of Eldraine Gift Edition were made public. The boxed set will include one Collector Booster, 10 Draft Boosters, and oversized Spindown, 20 regular basic lands and 20 foil basic lands, as well as an alternate art foil Piper of the Swarm.

The 2019 edition of Magic Game Night was also revealed this past week. The boxed set will include five 60-card decks, 5 Spindowns, 5 life counters, 20 +1/+1 counters, and 15 double-sided tokens. Game Night will also feature five unique cards, visible on the product page.

WeeklyMTG also dropped information on two previously known products. The first is Unsanctioned. Coming February 29th, 2020, the boxed set will include five 30-card decks–one for each color. The decks are designed so that two can be shuffled together to make one 60-card deck to battle against another 60-card pile. Unsanctioned will feature Un reprints and 16 new silver-bordered cards, as well as a special basic land treatment.

The same broadcast also gave us a look at something called a Mystery Booster. Almost no other information was revealed aside that the Mystery Booster can come in a “convention edition” and that there will be a blind Prerelease on the Thursday of MagicFest Richmond.

Mythic Championship V

The next Arena Mythic Championship is only a few short days away. The Core Split division winners: Lee Shi Tian, Seth Manfield, Carlos Romao, and Ben Stark get to sit out the first day of competition. The remaining 28 members of the Magic Pro League and 36 Challengers will have to fight for their spot in Day 2. With $750,000 up for grabs as well as potential spots in Worlds, the 2020 Magic Pro League, and 2020 Rivals League, this weekend is sure to be action packed. You can follow all the action on twitch.tv/magic starting this Friday, October 18th.

Grand Prix Bangkok and Utrecht

Throne of Eldraine Limited was featured at the main event of the MagicFests in Bangkok and Utrecht this past weekend.

First up was Grand Prix Bangkok. 813 players were on hand in Thailand for their chance at the trophy. The Top 8 of the Grand Prix featured some powerhouse names including Shuhei Nakamura, Yuki Matsumoto, and Yuta Takahashi. However, it was the Czech player Petr Sochurek who was able to take home his fourth Grand Prix title.

Grand Prix Utrecht had 1,469 players all testing their mettle in Throne of Eldraine Limited. The Top 8 in Utrecht may not have had a Hall of Famer in its midst but had star power of its own in Christian Seibold and Tobias Grafensteiner. The player holding the trophy after the finals, however, was Johannes Alberyd. Alberyd played green every chance he got and it served him well in his one Grand Prix this year.

Looking Forward

Next week it’s all about the Mythic Championship. Then on Monday, we get to do the Banned and Restricted dance all over again. We’ll see you then!

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