My Legacy Deck at Pro Tour 25 Anniversary: Eldrazi Stompy

My team for Pro Tour 25th Anniversary consisted of three Platinum players, two of which have had a finals appearance in a Legacy GP: Christian Calcano and Javier Dominguez. I don’t have a trophy under my belt in Legacy, but as you may know, I love the format and I spend a lot of time playing it.

After the Deathrite Shaman ban, Javier started playing Miracles a lot and had great success, so we decided he was our designated Legacy player. I would be on Standard and Calcano would cover Modern. This was the same configuration that snagged us 5th place at Grand Prix Madrid.

Things changed after Javier discovered how good Eldrazi Stompy was. After he went undefeated in the Swiss at GP Barcelona in Modern with just a handful of game losses over the weekend, he wanted to switch formats.

I then took over Legacy. I played League after League with Eldrazi, and had astonishing results. My first seven Leagues gave me six 4-1s and one 5-0, while Javier scored a clean 15-0 in his first three Leagues.

The deck was very good versus Miracles, Blue Control, and Sneak & Show. It was also surprisingly good versus B/R Reanimator. The matchups versus Delver and Death & Taxes decks were close and die-roll dependent, whereas we had trouble versus Mox Diamond + Life from the Loam decks.

Our expected metagame saw Miracles and Sneak & Show as the two most played decks, and that’s why we were very confident about Eldrazi Stompy as our deck choice, despite not leveraging our Legacy skill as other decks might have.

It turned out we were wrong. Miracles was barely played, and Sneak & Show didn’t exist, as the few Sneak & Show decks I got to play against all had Omniscience and Cunning Wish in their deck, making the matchup way worse than the stock lists.

After more than 20 Leagues on Magic Online I had very positive results. I only busted (2-3 or less) three times.

This was the final list I submitted:


Andrea Mengucci, 53rd at Pro Tour 25th Anniversary

This is a very stock list that comes mainly from LewisCBR. There’s not much to discuss here, as it’s kind of perfect. We saw essentially this same 75 in the hands of Christopher Gregoire in the Top 4 of Pro Tour 25th Anniversary.





This is a good matchup. Blood Moon is very good against you, so you should still cast a turn-2 Thought-Knot Seer even without Cavern of Souls protection to prevent them from casting it.

Be smart and play well around Terminus, as that’s the main way for them to come back into the game.

I leave Dismember in because of Monastery Mentor, as that’s their best way to attack you quickly, and they are not afraid to jam it on turn 3.

Sneak & Show



How good this matchup is depends on how many copies of Omniscience your opponent has.

On Magic Online, I played against JPA93, a notorious Sneak & Show player, six times and defeated him all six.

At the Pro Tour I played against JPA93 himself and got defeated by Show and Tell + Omniscience + Cunning Wish, about which my Karakas and Thought-Knot Seer had nothing to say.

Think hard before deciding to mulligan or not, as the game will be decided by the top 10 cards of your deck.

Death & Taxes



This matchup isn’t great, but it’s not that bad either.

You want to get rid of your X-mana cards as they are awful against Flickerwisp. There are some reasons to keep in Chalice of the Void on the play, but sometimes delaying them a bunch of turns isn’t great unless it’s also paired with a very aggressive hand.

Stoneforge Mystic is annoying to deal with, and you can consider delaying your Thought-Knot Seer one turn to remove that Equipment.

Delver Decks



I group all of the Delver decks together as they all have one thing in common: they pressure you early and they don’t let you resolve your expensive threats. That’s why I don’t like Endbringer.

Warping Wail can be good on the play, and I would keep in one in place of one Karakas.

This matchup relies a lot on Chalice of the Void, especially game 1, but game 2 against R/U/G Delver you can consider boarding them out for Leyline of the Void because they will have two to three answers.

B/R Reanimator



B/R Reanimator is surprisingly a good matchup. Game 1 you have to win the die roll and Chalice them. If you do, you win. If you don’t, you’ll very likely lose. But post-sideboard you have many disruption pieces and their deck can’t deal with that much disruption, especially Thorn of Amethyst, because of their very low land count without cantrips.

I like to board out almost all of my expensive threats because sometimes post-Leyline of the Void they Unmask your Endbringer or Reality Smasher and reanimate it, so you don’t want that to happen.

Mulligan a 7-card hand without Leyline of the Void or without a strong disruption plan. Whenever you sideboard in Leyline, you want to mulligan more than usual.

Eldrazi Stompy was, and will always be, a big part of the Legacy metagame, and I’m glad that I got to explore it this past month, as it was one of the few decks I haven’t played in Legacy.

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