My Core Set 2020 Limited Bucket List

In Core Set 2020 Limited, there are a lot of sweet combos to assemble, decks to draft, or plays to make. Here are 20 of them (in arbitrary order).

My Core Set 2020 Limited Bucket List

1. Deal nearly infinite damage

Brought BackScholar of the AgesRapacious DragonMask of ImmolationYarok, the Desecrated

While controlling Yarok, cast Brought Back to return Scholar of the Ages and Rapacious Dragon. Their doubled enters-the-battlefield abilities will return Brought Back and generate 4 Treasures, and then you sacrifice both creatures to Mask of Immolation. You then cast Brought Back and keep the loop going. It’s not quite infinite because every loop costs you two mana, but it’s an easy path to victory.

2. Abuse Act of Treason

Act of TreasonBone SplintersSleep Paralysis

The obvious way to abuse Act of Treason is by stealing a creature and then sacrificing it to Bone Splinters or Bloodsoaked Altar.

Other unusual options are untapping your own creature after it was inflicted by Sleep Paralysis or giving a topdecked high-power creature haste.

3. Trigger Agent of Treachery

Agent of TreacheryPortal of Sanctuary

It’s not easy to trigger the Agent, but you can live the dream by continually bouncing it with Portal of Sanctuary. In fact, that’s exactly what Peter Ward did with his 9-0 Sealed Deck at Grand Prix Krakow last weekend.

4. Don’t reveal a land to Risen Reef

Risen Reef

Risen Reef was most frequently named as the #1 uncommon at GP Krakow, and it’s very powerful in an Elemental deck.

One nice trick is that if you see a land on top and have not yet played a land for your turn, you can choose not to reveal the land so you can play it untapped.

5. Make infinite mana

ScuttlemuttGauntlets of LightLeyline of AbundanceLeyline of AbundanceLeyline of Abundance

With three copies of Leyline of Abundance on the battlefield, Scuttlemutt taps for four mana. Adding Gauntlets of Light yields an arbitrarily large amount of mana. Afterwards, you can activate Leyline of Abundance to dish out as many +1/+1 counters as you want.

6. Exploit Scuttlemutt’s color-changing ability

ScuttlemuttDevout DecreeApostle of Purifying Light

Scuttlemutt’s ability can enable a color-hoser like Devout Decree or aid a protection creature like Apostle of Purifying Light.

7. Draft a flash deck

Brineborn Cuttthroat

Simic Flash has been impressive in Standard, but a watered-down version is also possible in draft. For example, look at this 3-0 draft deck from Day 2 of GP Krakow. Filip Tetera had 3 Brineborn Cutthroat and 6 instants!

8. Go nuts with Bloodsoaked Altar

Bloodsoaked AltarSanitarium SkeletonRenowned Weaponsmith

The dream is to activate Bloodsoaked Altar by sacrificing one Sanitarium Skeleton and discarding another. Even better if you ramped into the powerful artifact on turn 4 via Renowned Weaponsmith.

9. Neutralize an opposing Rotting Regisaur

Rotting RegisaurPacifismUnsummon

The evilest answers to Rotting Regisaur are Pacifism and Sleep Paralysis.

Alternatively, if your opponent is empty-handed, you could Unsummon their Zombie Dinosaur in response to the upkeep trigger.

10. Pump another Golem with Master Splicer

Master Splicer

There are actually a bunch of Golems in the set: Prismite, Pattern Matcher, Stone Golem, Masterful Replication, and Meteor Golem.

Even if you don’t have a Golem in your deck, you might receive a free surprise from your opponent via Cavalier of Dawn.

11. Draft Affinity

Steel Overseer

Yes, that is 2 Steel Overseer and 6 other artifact creatures. Polish MPL member Grzegorz ‘Urlich’ Kowalski showed us how it’s done at GP Krakow.

12. Draft a sweet deck with 5+ Undead Servant

Undead ServantUndead ServantUndead ServantUndead ServantUndead Servant

At Grand Prix Krakow, Sean Goddard set the record with 6 Undead Servants and a Pattern Matcher. Then, in the Top 8, Peter Ward drafted 5 Undead Servant along with two Gorging Vulture to set up the graveyard.

Unfortunately, neither of them did well. Goddard ran into Flame Sweep, which is pretty good against a horde of Zombies. And Ward lost to Sveinung Bjornerud’s double Apostle of Purifying Light deck in the quarterfinals.

13. Trigger a life gain card with Loxodon Lifechanter

Loxodon Lifechanter

Weird as it may sound, if its enters-the-battlefield ability adjusts your life total upwards, then this counts as life gain.

14. Turn-4 Vilis or Drakuseth

Vilis, Broker of BloodDrakuseth, Maw of Flame

These creatures are off the charts in terms of raw power, but they’re even better when they arrive early. With Gorging Vulture or Tomebound Lich on turn 3 and Blood for Bones on turn 4, you could have a lot of fun.

Tobias Maurer’s Top 8 draft deck from Grand Prix Krakow, for example, was capable of this insane start.

15. Attack with a 3/4 Elvish Reclaimer on turn 3

Elvish ReclaimerLotus Field

Sticking with Tobias Maurer’s Top 8 draft deck, all it takes is activating Elvish Reclaimer on turn two and then playing Lotus Field on turn three.

16. Control multiple Chandras

Chandra, Novice PyromancerChandra, Acolyte of Flame

This is a Chandra set after all. The dream is to put a loyalty counter on another Chandra with Chandra, Acolyte of Flame, which is something that Grzegorz Kowalski was capable of doing with his Top 8 draft deck in Warsaw.

Another bucket list item related to Chandra, Acolyte of Flame is to trigger Overgrowth Elemental twice per turn with the dying Elementals.

17. Show the power of Goblin Smuggler

Goblin SmugglerLavakin Brawler

For ideas on good targets for Goblin Smuggler, look no further than Vincent Reiter’s Top 8 draft deck.

Goblin Smuggler is also quite decent with Blood Burglar and Audacious Thief in red-black. Enchanting those creatures with Angelic Gift can be quite appealing as well, by the way.

18. Pull of an Uncaged Fury combo

Uncaged FuryInfuriate

Vincent Reiter’s Top 8 draft deck featured this two-card combo, and he wasn’t the only one putting it together. Grzegorz Kowalski locked Top 8 when his opponent didn’t block his 5/4 at 18 life and suddenly took 18.

19. Trigger Dragon Mage while controlling Bag of Holding

Bag of HoldingDragon Mage

Ultimate value.

20. Draft five-color Golos

Golos, Tireless Pilgrim

The real dream is to fetch and trigger Field of the Dead, but even without the rare land, 5-color Golos is a sweet archetype. For example, check out the second draft deck by GP Krakow Top 8 competitor Tadej Kadunc.


I hope you enjoyed this collection and were able to derive some inspiration. If you have any additions or Core Set 2020 stories of your own, then please share them in the comment section below.

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