MTG Arena June State of the Game

The June State of the Game for MTG Arena went live today. While the headline is the release of the platform on macOS, there are a lot of other tidbits tucked into the announcement.

First up, the game is addressing how it will handle reprints. Since Core Set 2021 and Jumpstart have plenty of cards that already exist in Arena, here is how duplicates will be handled:

  • If you’ve collected a playset of a fully reprinted card, we will be adjusting the rate at which you’ll receive these cards in store boosters. We’re defining “full reprints” as a card that shares both the name and artwork of a card that already exists in MTG Arena.
  • You will only receive a copy of fully reprinted cards from a pack after you have received playsets of all other rares and mythic rares (i.e. the same thing we do with a card if it’s banned in Standard).
  • If you already own a playset (four copies) of a card that is fully reprinted, you will only receive further copies of that card from store boosters if you already own playsets of all other rares and mythic rares from that set (i.e. the same thing we do with a card if it’s banned in Standard).
  • The game will check this against your entire collection. For example, if you own three copies of Fabled Passage from Throne of Eldraine, and you open a fourth in Core Set 2021, the game will adjust the distribution rate of this card in both Throne of Eldraine and Core Set 2021 booster packs now that you’ve completed a playset.
  • This change does not impact Limited boosters; you will still receive them at their original distribution rate in Draft or Sealed events.
  • This change only applies to fully reprinted rares and mythic rares; we will not be adjusting the distribution rate of fully reprinted commons or uncommons.
  • Core Set 2021 cards that are also available in Jumpstart are treated as being part of Core Set 2021 for anything that affects distribution rate or duplicate protection.

Speaking of Jumpstart, the newest addition to Magic will be available to play in the Limited queues. Additionally, the complete list of cards from Jumpstart that will be replaced on Arena (for the purposes of Historic) can be found here.

Next up is Brawl! The Brawler’s Guildhall event has proven popular. So much so that starting July 1st, Brawl will be available to play every day. It will be eligible for daily rewards, wins totals, and quests as well. Historic Brawl will also remain available on Arena through Zendikar Resurgent, as part of the rotating event calendar.

There’s more in the announcement, including information on what Standard rotation looks like and updates to the deck building user interface.


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