MTG Arena July State of the Game

The MTG Arena July State of the Game is here and it comes with a distinct focus on non-rotating formats.

First up is the release of Jumpstart on the platform. Jumpstart queues will be available July 16th-August 16th, 2020. Once you join the queue you will be prompted to select one of three Jumpstart packs, and then you will be prompted to do so again. You can then play as many matches as you want with your deck. Players can resign at any time and reenter the queue to get a different play experience. Jumpstart is not only poised to be a new play experience but will also provide participants with the cards newly legal for Historic.

Speaking of Arena‘s non-rotating format, the next Historic Anthology is due to arrive in early 2021. The next Arena Open, starting on August 1st, will also use the Historic format. Players can enter Day One in an attempt to achieve seven wins in best-of-one play. If you reach three losses before seven wins, players can rejoin the queue. Seven wins will qualify players for Day Two.

Day Two of the Historic Arena Open will be Historic best-of-three. Players will compete to reach seven wins; two losses will eliminate players from the competition. While the top prizes will go to those who reach seven wins, anyone who wins at least five matches will earn an invite to the Zendikar Rising Qualifier Weekend.

August will also see the release of Amonkhet Remastered. This set will take 340 cards from Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation and package them into a coherent Limited experience while also providing cards for Historic and Pioneer. Amonkhet Remastered releases August 13th, 2020.

Later this year we will also see Pioneer Masters coming to Arena. In an attempt to bring the format to the digital platform, Pioneer Masters will be similar to Modern Masters, helping to release key cards from the tabletop format.


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