Mono-Blue with Fate Reforged‘s Renowned Weaponsmith

Any card that produces multiple mana has the potential to do broken things. In Standard, the best artifacts for Renowned Weaponsmith to power out are Hall of Triumph and Bident of Thassa. With the acceleration the Weaponsmith provides you can now deploy creatures in the same turns that you play these significant artifacts. The second ability is insignificant—for the time being. Heart-Piercer Bow is unimpressive, but when Vial of Dragonfire is printed the Weaponsmith can only improve.

Mono-Blue Devotion was one of the premier decks of the past Standard format. The loss of mana-symbol-intensive creatures (Nightveil Specter, Frostburn Weird) is a big hit to the archetype, but the powerful cards remain: Thassa, God of the Sea and Master of Waves. Without a consistent curve of efficient creatures this archetype will have to take an alternative plan of attack. M15’s Chief Engineer and Fate Reforged’s Renowned Weaponsmith give this archetype a breath of life.

Mono-Blue Devotion

This deck compensates for the individual weakness of its cards with its synergies. Imagine a few ideal opening hands:

Each of these hands has the strength to match any Standard deck. Bident of Thassa provides card advantage in a lengthy game. Hall of Triumph can lead to a quick victory in combination with evasive 1-drop creatures.

I included a mix of expensive artifacts in Scuttling Doom Engine, Soul of New Phyrexia, and Obelisk of Urd. These artifacts give the deck some potential to compete in the late game and mitigate mana flood. with further exploration I imagine that you could determine which one is best suited for the future metagame. Doom Engine is great against Hornet Queen and Elspeth, Sun’s Champion, Soul of New Phyrexia protects against wrath effects, and Obelisk of Urd is particularly cute with Master of Waves.

Another Fate Reforged card that could make the cut is Reality Shift. Reality Shift looks a lot like Rapid Hybridization. Blue will never have the quality removal that black and white have access to, but Reality Shift does have the benefit of being able to target your own creatures in response to the opponent’s removal.

Like most mono-colored decks, this archetype has a simple sideboard. Dissolve and Negate come in against control decks, including Whip of Erebos decks. Reality Shift is primarily for decks that contain Polukranos, World Eater. I included a package of Vaporkin and Welkin Tern to fly over token decks. Heart-Piercer Bow is an incredibly weak card—but when it’s free it’s free.

Weaknesses: This deck will have problems with wrath or sweeper effects like Anger of the Gods, Crux of Fate, and Doomwake Giant. Thankfully Bident of Thassa and Hall of Triumph mitigate the effectiveness of wraths by making just one or two creatures threatening on their own.

This deck may not be on the same tier as Standard’s premier decks—but it can win against them, and sometimes you just want something wacky and unexpected!

Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Thanks for Reading.
-Jacob Wilson


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