Monday Night Magic #251 – Bringing You 100% More Women!

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Monday Night Magic #251 – Bringing You 100% More Women!
“You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!”

This Week in Magic
Tom, Jack, Eric, Tristan and Adena bring you a news filled podcast and link filled show notes. We are going to try this list style and see what you think!
Changes to the Commander Banned List
Innistrad announced and we speculate wildly
Rules changes regarding poison for 2HG
Duel Decks: Knights vs Dragons deck lists
Product mock-ups for New Phyrexia AND Mirrodin Pure (boo!)
10 Tix Mirrodin Throwback drafts on MTGO
Various news bits from WoTC’s GAMA announcement regarding a possible new PC game, Innistrad legend in FTV:L and more
JTMS license plate photo
GP Kobe moved to April 23 – 24
Trick Jarret on ManaNation interviews Zac Hill and Mark Rosewater
Mike Linnemann’s Vorthos column
Lee Sharpe’s list of MTGO hot keys
Gerry Thompson wins ANOTHER SCG.com Open for Standard
Gavin Verhey’s blog on design
Link to the excellent article on Women in Magic

What Have We Been Playing?
Eric and Jack run us through a busy week of magic including EDH, Cube sealed and more!

Listener Emails
We are savin’ ’em for next week!

MTGCast News
Thank you to all the entries for the FTV: Legends without Legs contest. It is officially closed and winners will be announced next week, so stay tuned!

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7 thoughts on “Monday Night Magic #251 – Bringing You 100% More Women!”

  1. Well…if you want to get into mathematics: One woman is an infinite percentage greater than zero. Maybe it won’t just be me, Elspeth, and players’ girlfriends hanging around the card shop anymore, who knows….

  2. Zero Punctuation. It’s Zero. Kinda like No, but in that way were it’s not really the same thing as all. :p

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