Modern Monday: Soul Sisters

It’s always disappointing when I go to record some Modern videos after a new release and I can’t find any immediate additions from it. I understand. Modern is a format where only one or two new cards from every new set manage to squirm their way in. Modern is also a format that doesn’t get a lot of high-level events anymore (though I’m definitely looking forward to a Modern Pro Tour again). Unless there’s a card that single-handedly creates a new combo or archetype (Vizier of Remedies) or a card that easily slots right into existing sideboards (Solemnity), it’s often difficult for most other new cards to compete with what already exists in the format.

This weekend, however, there was a Modern Classic at the Open in Dallas. Stephen Stack managed to take 30th place in the event with this old chestnut.

Soul Sisters

Yes, Soul Sisters. Not to be confused with Marty Proc, which is similar but different. Instead of using cards like Martyr of Sands, Proclamation of Rebirth, and Serra Ascendant, it uses Archangel of Thune, Auriok Champion, and lots of 1-mana Soul ladies.

While Soul Sisters isn’t a new deck—I think Conley Woods was one of the first to introduce it—I have yet to play it for a Modern article, which surprises me. Auriok Champion seems so good in Modern, and I imagine Mirran Crusader is no slouch either. 3 copies of Archangel of Thune looks a little high, but we’ll find out. Let’s see how much life I can actually accumulate.

Of course I play the life gain deck and get paired against mill in the first round. No worries though. As I mentioned in the match (and seemingly every match), I would love to have more ways to deal with individual artifacts and enchantments in addition to the single Sundering Growth.

As you can imagine, the deck does pretty well against most aggressive decks. Unfortunately, I did flop against the disruption-heavy B/G deck, which makes sense. You don’t have many forms of card advantage outside of Ranger of Eos, and being able to pick apart your hand hurts a ton when most of your cards are good with one another, but less so on their own. Auriok Champion is just okay by itself. But couple it with Honor of the Pure and Spectral Procession, and now we’re talking. The same thing kind of happened against the 8-Rack deck as well. Also, with no way to deal with their artifacts and enchantments… here we are.

The single main-deck Worship felt odd. This is a backbreaking card in some matchups, and miserable in others. As a 1-of, you basically have to draw it in the good matchups while avoiding it in the poor ones. Why not just sidestep this awkwardness altogether and keep it in the sideboard? When my individual cards are as weak as they are, the last thing I want to do is risk drawing dead ones.

The same thing can be said about Mirran Crusader, unfortunately. While the double strike is awesome, the protection abilities are pretty hit or miss, especially when Lightning Bolt and Path to Exile are everywhere.

QWhile I’m on the subject of new cards making an appearance, at 3 mana I wonder if Oketra’s Last Mercy could find a home in a deck like this. Gaining anywhere from 10 to 15 life could be huge for 3 mana, along with triggering your Ajani’s Pridemates and Archangel of Thunes. This is also kind of an attrition deck where you want to outlast your opponent while your creatures get larger and larger, and a life boost of that size could definitely help. It could be more impactful than something like Rest for the Weary at 2 mana for 8 life. Just some food for thought.

I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for more decks that have new cards in them, but until next week, thanks for reading, and I’ll see you then.

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