Modern Whateverday: R/G Madcap Moon

A while back, I played a Jund deck that friend Vidianto Wijaya took to a decent finish at a Grand Prix. And as you might suspect, this was no ordinary Jund deck. No, this one used Madcap Experiment to hit a card that many decks have trouble handling: Platinum Emperion.

I was as surprised as you are. How hard is it to get rid of a creature in Modern? Well, unless you’re playing Path to Exile or Kolaghan’s Command, it’s pretty difficult. Decks like Ad Nauseam, Elves, or even Affinity can’t handle an 8/8 on turn 3 or 4.

This specific version was piloted by Magic Online user BERNASTORRES to a successful Modern League finish. Take a gander.

R/G Madcap Moon

You also have the excitement-inducing Bonfire of the Damned for maximum feel-bads whenever you miracle it. This is definitely the kind of deck I would get salty at someone for playing against me—make no mistake—but it’s unique enough that I feel it’s my responsibility to show it off. OK, let’s try not to hate ourselves after we Blood Moon, Stone Rain, and Mwonvuli Acid-Moss our opponents into oblivion.

Okay, so not actually as broken as I would have expected, although to be fair, my draws were pretty unexciting. I didn’t even get to Bonfire anyone, which only results in feel-bads for me, unfortunately.

This deck felt a little odd. While you only have 21 lands, you do have 4 Arbor Elves, 2 Birds, and 4 Utopia Sprawl, which results in 31 cards that solely produce mana. Of course you do kind of need that many, what with all the things you’re ramping into, especially on turn 3—and it leads to some rather poor topdecks. I’m not sure how this can really be avoided other than cutting 1-drops or lands, neither of which feels great.

One problem that I knew I would run into is drawing more Madcap Experiments than I had Platinum Emperions. I’m a fan of cutting one or adding another, respectively. This isn’t really a deck that finds it impossible to simply cast an 8-mana artifact, so it should be fine. I think that’s a better option than just having a literal blank stuck in your hand. Of course, you do have 1 Primal Command to shuffle the Emperions back into the deck, but it is just a 1-of, and I’m not sure that’s the best use for the card. I’m a big fan of having cards that are useful at all points of the game, but I know this isn’t always possible.

I know there are some other versions of the deck that play more top-end creatures like Primeval Titan, or more copies of Inferno Titan. I would likely err more on the side of those lists. There were several times where I wanted to close out a game, but was simply unable to because I couldn’t find a threat to do it with. That being said, you should definitely not discount the power of turn-2 Stone Rain or Blood Moon in this format—there are certain decks that are just dead on the spot to that.

I’ve enjoyed this archetype every time I’ve played it, and I think it’s not so much the fact that I’m playing a land destruction deck, but an old school R/G Ramp deck, with a lot of cool creatures at the top that don’t see much play otherwise. Try it out and let me know what you think! I’ll see you next time.


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