Modern Monday: Enduring Ideal

It would appear that time got away from me this weekend, as I participated in many a prerelease and anxiously awaited the news of the latest banned and restricted announcement. While that didn’t shake out the way I would have liked, today we’re talking about Modern, and specifically, Enduring Ideal!

This isn’t the first time I’ve played the enchantment-based deck in Modern, and I’m sure if won’t be the last. Today’s list was piloted by Shayne Morris to a Top 8 finish in his SCG Modern IQ in Glassboro. Let’s take a look.

Enduring Ideal

I’m quite fond of the addition of Assemble the Legion. Thanks to the Legacy Cube on Magic Online, I’ve been reminded of how powerful I’ve always felt that card was and I wonder why it never saw more play—it’s unbeatable when it gets going.

Additionally, back in my day, we had Meishin, the Mind Cage tech to combat giving the opponent Birds with Dovescape. Now things have gone the way of Phyrexian Unlife plus Form of the Dragon, which makes sure that you won’t lose the game for going below 0 life, and that your life total will always reset at the end of each turn so that you won’t acquire any poison counters.

Despite seeming very linear, the deck actually has a lot of room to make complex plays. Let’s see if we can discover some of them!

Modern is so strange sometimes. You could have an amazing matchup against one kind of deck, and a terrible matchup against another. The extremes are so far apart—but I’ll take it over Standard any day.

That being said, I have always loved enchantment-based decks, Enduring Ideal or otherwise. Previous iterations of the deck included more ways to get to 7 mana efficiently to cast Enduring Ideal. Without Pentad Prism and with only 2 Lotus Blooms I was simply hard casting them.

I’m a big fan of the double Great Auramancy for total shroud protection, but I can understand why that wouldn’t always be necessary. I guess I just want that complete protection package—I always worry there’s some card or effect in the format (which is large) that I didn’t think of that’s going to just blow me out, which is why it often took me a minute to get the correct enchantment.

I’m also almost positive that Dovescape should be in the main deck. It’s often a hard lock in conjunction with Phyrexian Unlife and Form of the Dragon. If you get them in that order, you should be fine. Search for Dovescape first and let’s imagine your opponent tries to kill it. They get, hell, 10 Birds! On your turn you search up Phyrexian Unlife. When they attack, because all the damage is dealt at once, you go down to, I don’t know, -1,000,000. (It’s rough out there.) On your turn you search up Form of the Dragon and go back to 5. Now every card they play to try and remove your enchantment becomes Birds! The only things that get around this are cards like Qasali Pridemage. Otherwise it’s a pretty powerful lock, and I feel like you’re just making your life harder by not including it in the main.

Either way, I loved this deck, despite losing to some pretty rough matchups. Thanks for reading, let me know what you think in the comments, and I’ll catch you next time.

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