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This pool is actually much more interesting than the last few pools I’ve received, which I felt were clearly slam-dunk 5-­color control decks. There’s no clear incentive to play white here, with the exception of Skyreach Manta which is clearly good as-­is. I’ve noticed a problem with most control decks in this Sealed format and that’s a lack of ways to produce card advantage. The idea with this pool is to play a large number of total mana sources but also have some staying power in the late game.

Scuttling Death as a threat that can rebuy either Swans of Bryn Argoll or Nameless Inversion seemed worthwhile to experiment with—a nice threat that can produce card advantage when removed. I also decided to play Necrogenesis as a late-game bomb. Usually I’m not a huge fan of this type of card but in a deck with no other ways to win going late it’s important to play at least one card like this. Artisan of Kozilek is amazing, of course, but there’s some chance I don’t draw it or that it gets dealt with and so I wanted more ways to interact.

Shrivel and Smash to Smithereens may seem like unconventional card choices but I’ve found they’re good at handling cards that are often the most problematic to deal with. If you ever face someone who plays Raise the Alarm or Scatter the Seeds they just bury you as you lose with a hand full of Nameless Inversions and Narcolepsys so I like to have at least one card that can trade profitably. I’ve even had good experiences playing with Gut Shot. 1 toughness is somewhat relevant in the format and more good cheap plays are all right in my book. Smash to Smithereens is good since I think there are so many playable artifacts in the format that everyone you play will have a few targets and the targets they do have will be problematic ones.

Swans of Bryn Argoll is a card I don’t particularly like, but with the two Scuttling Death I felt like I was priced in, and with three copies of Fiery Fall it’s plausible I could assemble that combo. It’s very hard to lose a game of Sealed after drawing five cards with one spell.


Owen Turtenwald
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