Modern Madness: The Best Modern Deck of All Time

We are very excited to announce #ModernMadness–an all summer long contest to determine what is objectively the best Modern Deck of all time, as voted by you!

We’ve carefully selected 58 of the most popular and iconic Modern Decks and, along with 6 special Modern-Horizons inclusive brews from LSV, have made a 64 deck bracket for you to vote on!

Modern Madness Bracket
Click to enlarge.

Then, at MagicFest Las Vegas on August 22–25 we will hold a Top 8 playoff for the final decks! With 5 special guests (soon to be announced) piloting the decks live at twitch.tv/channelfireball against… you! We will be holding qualifiers on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at MagicFest Las Vegas leading up to the final Top 8 Playoff on Sunday! Prizes and structure for those tournaments is coming soon, so keep an eye out.

If you can’t make it out to MagicFest Las Vegas, or if you think you know Modern inside and out, we have a competition for you too. If you can predict the Top 8 accurately before the voting starts, you could win free entry for every Grand Prix til the end of 2020. We only have ten of these prizes to give away, so get tweeting and get your predictions in now! Make sure your tweet contains #ModernMadness and contains the 8 deck names as they appear in the bracket above – for the LSV Brews they will be coming out on ChannelFireball over the next week and we will be updating the bracket to reflect that! You have until next Sunday (23rd of June) to get your predictions in before voting begins.

So head to Twitter and follow ChannelFireball to keep up as #ModernMadness evolves over the summer and we crown a champion at MagicFest Las Vegas in August! Represent your deck and vote for it! If you want Bogles to beat out Burn, rally your friends! If you think Humans is CLEARLY better than Jund, now is the time to express that and earn your favorite deck the title of Best Modern Deck of All Time.


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