Modern Jund, Legacy Sultai Get a Push from Aether Revolt

Fatal Push is on everyone’s lips, and it’s the best card in Aether Revolt.

In order to evaluate this card in Modern and Legacy, you have to understand that the vast majority of the creatures that see play cost 2 or less mana. Tarmogoyf/Deathrite Shaman/Delver of Secrets/Raging Ravine are just a few examples of the most popular creatures that you’ll be able to destroy.

Fetchlands mean that killing Thought-Knot Seer and Leovold, Emissary of Trest won’t be hard, either. Keep in mind that revolt isn’t morbid—you can also trigger revolt by returning your Island with Daze.

This means that this card is basically “1-mana: destroy any creature” but Reality Smasher, Tasigur, Gurmag Angler, Griselbrand, and Wurmcoil Engine, which makes this better than any other similar removal spell we’ve had (Disfigure, Murderous Cut, Dismember).

Fatal Push will make a huge impact in both Modern and Legacy, and today I’m going to show you two decks that should make for a safe home.

Jund Modern

In my recent Modern Jund video, many of you asked what I would change post-ban and post-Aether-Revolt:

Fatal Push replaces Terminate. I know it’s a hit for Jund lovers, but this along with Blooming Marsh could be the final swing to Abzan/Sultai.

We are still playing some Terminates to destroy Tasigur and Gurmag Angler, but I can even see going down to 0 Terminate if Grixis disappears—maybe with Gitaxian Probe banned it’ll see less play.

I’m known for disliking 4-drops and liking 23 lands—the 4-drops also kind of stink.

Huntmaster is fragile and has very little impact on the board, Kalitas isn’t great either now that Melira decks are out of metagame. Chandra has been the weakest card I’ve played in the 4-drop slot so far, so I’d opt for a flurry of removal spells in full Jund style.

The sideboard is what changed most since the metagame saw many decks disappear.

With Golgari Grave-Troll out, you can finally remove the 4 Leyline of the Void from the sideboard. I’d still keep some graveyard hate cards because Living End and Goryo’s Vengeance could come back, and Dredge can still exist with Golgari Thug replacing Golgari Grave-Troll, and Rakdos Charm looks like the best choice since it’s also fine versus Affinity.

Crumble to Dust replaces Fulminator Mage, because with the ban list Tron got way better, losing many bad matchups (Infect, Death’s Shadow, and Kiln Fiend), and Fulminator Mage on its own can’t do the job. You need some major sideboard hate, such as Crumble to Dust, which happens to be great against R/G TitanShift as well, another bad matchup.

Kozilek’s Return replaces Anger of the Gods. I’ve always found double-red to be very hard to get, and Kozilek’s Return being an instant and killing Etched Champion makes the matchup against Affinity way better. It doesn’t kill Wild Nacatl, but Wild Nacatl decks are usually good matchups for Jund, especially with Fatal Push around.

Lastly, Kitchen Finks went back into the sideboard because with the return of Tron and the strength of Rock decks. Burn could be a very solid choice now, and having life gain effects is very important.

Sultai Legacy

Let’s move to Legacy, where Sultai is one of the most played color combinations.

There are many ways to build Sultai. It can be Delver, Shardless, Nemesis-Blade, or midrange. One of the weaknesses of Sultai is that it doesn’t have a cheap, turn-1 removal spell like Lightning Bolt and has to rely on Abrupt Decay, but Fatal Push changes this, making it possible to kill a Deathrite Shaman or a Mother of Runes before they’re active.

This is great news for those decks. Some will fully adopt Fatal Push, playing multiple copies in the main deck, like Sultai Delver, and some will instead play a couple in the sideboard like Shardless Sultai.

The deck I’m going to focus on now is the deck I recorded with this week, and it comes from a 4-Color Midrange deck that the Czech players love.

Since we were splashing red for Lightning Bolt, Kolaghan Command, and some sideboard cards, we can cut those now to get a better mana base.

Sultai Midrange

Baleful Strix is the key card, helping a lot in the Delver matchups. Leovold, Emissary of Trest is the card that launched this deck over the top, and fits the strategy perfectly.

There aren’t many changes to the deck I recorded with. Obviously, removing red means giving up Pyroblast, which is a big loss. But it’s worth it if it means having more green sources to not get Wastelanded out of the game.

Fatal Push will have a huge impact on these two formats, and if you don’t want to fall overboard like the poor sap in the card art, you have to be ready for it.

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