March Arena State of the Game

Today’s MTG Arena State of the Game featured some interesting tidbits about what the future holds for the platform. The headline, of course, was the upcoming Historic Anthology II and the assorted play options coming with the new card infusion. They also took time to discuss the associated Secret Lair drop for Thalia, Guardian of Thraben.

There are a number of social updates coming this month as well. Two new emotes – “Thanks” and “Sorry” – will be added to the emote menu. These will appear briefly after a different emote is used. If your opponent says “Nice”, you’ll be given the “Thanks” prompt; an “Oops” can prompt a “Sorry”. March will also see the introduction of buddy chat, which can be used exclusively with people on your friend list. March will allow players to earn quest progress by challenging their friends. While not a social update, the sleeve user interface is also getting a redesign, as well as a way to designate a default sleeve style.

The new player offerings have been updated again. Now there will be Color Challenges – one for each color of Magic. These Challenges are designed to teach new players about the core identity of each color. Current players can access the Challenges via the “Learn More” tab.

Perhaps the most exciting announcement in the March State of the Game is the addition of Cube Sealed. While Cube Draft is coming, it requires non-bot draft pods (something that the announcement says is coming this year). Still, there will be an Arena Cube that draws on the Historic card pool. Sealed events will be Phantom, meaning that the cards will not be added to a player’s collection. Cube Sealed will be coming to the client in April.


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