March 9th Banned and Restricted List Update

The March 9th Banned and Restricted List update took a big swing at a number of Eternal formats. These bans will go into effect on March 10th for both Tabletop and Magic Online and March 12th for MTG Arena.





Ian Duke provided the reasoning behind each addition. In Brawl, Golos decks were 10% of the field. This is  twice as popular as the next most popular Commander. Golos also is a tutor and, with access to all five colors, can lead to repetitive game-play The decision to ban Golos was made in an effort to promote diversity in Brawl.

Historic, arguably, experienced the biggest change. Oko, Once Upon of Time, and Veil of Summer proved to be too good once again and rather than unleash them on Historic they have been banned. Field of the Dead has been reintroduced in part due to the addition of Ghost Quarter and Goblin Ruinblaster in Historic Anthology II.

Underworld Breach was proving to be a monster in Legacy. The interaction with the red enchantment, Lion’s Eye Diamond, and Brain Freeze led to a hard to disrupt game ending combo. Rather than take a “wait and see” approach, Play Design decided to nip this one in the bud and ban Breach.

Finally Modern. Throne of Eldraine rears its head again as Once Upon a Time gets banned. As was the case for every other time the card has been banned, it provides a level of consistency in opening hands that reduces variance in game play and increases the importance on the first turns of the game.

The article ended with a note on Pioneer. The format is being monitored closely and despite the prevalence of some decks – notably Dimir Inverter, Lotus Breach, and Heliod Combo  – none have been so dominant was to warrant action. The goal, at this time, is to not make any changes until after the Players Tour Finals in Houston.

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