Make Your Own Magic Art Night

This is a little different than most of my articles, as it’s not strategy but also surprisingly not just nonsense, either. What I want to talk about today is a really fun way to enjoy Magic, even if there’s no actual playing of Magic involved. What I’m talking about is Magic art night, where you try and paint a piece of Magic art yourself. All you need are a few friends, some art supplies, and (optionally) some beverages.

We’ve made a weekly tradition out of this, and it’s been a ton of fun. Each week, we pick a Magic card to try and paint (some with more success than others), and at the end of the night we each have a piece of art we created. Being Magic players, we do like to compare our work, but that’s completely optional. As someone who always ends up in the bottom half of the field, I think it’s great, and I imagine the more talented folks enjoy it too.

Here was our first outing:

Ben and Gaby are extremely talented, and Wrapter and I are extremely enthusiastic. We’ve all enjoyed making these pieces.

We continued with Birds of Paradise:

As you can see, the brackets soon became clear. Ben and Gaby battled for the top spot, while Wrapter and I fought to be not last.

We followed up with Damnation:

Mine looks like cultists worshipping, but hey, art is subjective (Right? Right?).

Next up was Gilded Lotus:

And finally, we each picked the Ravnica Signet that represented our guild:

If you’re wondering why I’m Dimir, well, let’s just say that the buffoonery is just an act (or maybe that’s what I hope you think).

Here’s a short list of what you need:

  • One canvas per person (we use 12×16 inch ones, but you could go bigger or smaller if you wanted).
  • One easel per person (these aren’t too expensive, and once you buy them it’s not a recurring cost). You can also use poster stands (those are the non-easel things in the pictures).
  • Brushes.
  • Acrylic paint.
  • Drinks! We’ve found that there is inspiration to be found with some beverages, but go any way you want on this.

Make sure to cover your table and the floor under it with newspaper, or be ready to clean up spills, and grab some paper towels and cups of water to clean the brushes with.

For actual art tips, I’d do a little research online, since let’s just say that I’m not the LSV of painting. Hell, I’m not even the Matt Nass of painting. We’ve really enjoyed this tradition, and would highly recommend doing it yourself.

Grab some friends, some brushes, and get to painting!


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