Magic the Gathering – World Championships 2011

If you remember the Infinity Faeries video from Pro Tour Philadelphia (which was awesome), you definitely have to watch Nate and Shawn’s next work, the World Championships 2011.

For this video, we let them film us (the team) arguingplaytesting the nights before each Constructed portion of Worlds, as the whole team crowded into a hotel room and hashed out what were playing. It was much less stressful the day before Standard, since we knew we were playing Tempered Steel, and just needed a sideboard, but the Friday night testing before Modern day was tough. We didn’t know what to play, and tempers flared a little bit. I even got to say (on camera) that I was definitely playing [card]Splinter Twin[/card]. Twenty minutes later, I had thrown away Twin and was busy casting [card]Wild Nacatl[/card]. Yeah.

The video ended up awesome, and Nate’s sense of humor is brilliant. I had a great time watching it, and was glad that we were able, in some small way, to make it more exciting for everyone, even if this being the last Worlds (for now) makes it all a little bittersweet.



Dear CFB readers,

My friend Shawn and I made a video about Worlds this year. We had an amazing trip and a lot of fun, and we have the community to thank for it. Hope you like what we came up with. Holla at me on Twitter for feedback or dialogue: @5wordfi5h

Yours in kinship,
Nathan Holt


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